Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 BarkBox

Ack I know, I know, I've been neglecting this blog!  Part of it is that I've gotten busy at work and other things.  Also, I have other blogs and social media stuff that cover my love for pugs (especially mine!), food, cooking, and illustrations and I guess I don't have much of a life outside of that!  I used to post a lot of makeup stuff on this blog but I'm not as much into makeup lately (I still use it, I'm just happy with my usual products and not looking for anything new).  And I used to post a lot of nail polish stuff here but while I still love nail polish, I had major nail issues (sensitivity to the nail polish remover and/or polishes) and had to wait for my nails to grow in new which took so long.  I'll start painting them again soon but I have to be careful about not going overboard changing the polish so frequently.  

So I didn't really have anything to post about here but luckily my June Barkbox came and I know I missed posting a couple months so here's the unboxing for this month's!  
Rosy got so excited when I started opening up the BarkBox, she stopped eating her dinner and wouldn't finish!  I had to stop playing with the box so that she'd refocus on her dinner.  Sunny finished and was eagerly waiting for Rosy to hurry up so she could give the bowl a finishing lick.  

This month's box included:
  • One Heartland Premium bone - This looks great but I can't give this to the girls until I have a comparable treat to give the other. The bone is sourced from cows born and bred in Omaha, Nebraska.  It's best to not give this to your dog on any carpet
  • Bowser Beer - non-alcoholic beer for your dog made of beef broth, glucosamine and other supplements.  I love that this has glucosamine in it!  I want to research this a bit before giving it to my girls since I'm a bit picky about their diet.  But this is such a cute and fun lil treat!
  • Puptato Chips - these are dried sweet potatoes that are shaped like chips.  Sunny loves these and Rosy likes them but not as much as the other treat in this box.
  • Whole Life Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burgers - these cute lil treats are freeze-dried beef sirloins shaped and designed to look like lil burger patties!  These are grain- and gluten-free and the girls LOVED these!  I love that they're grain-free and perfectly bite sized.  This was our favorite item of the box!
  • Dale Edgar's Calm K9 wafers - these wafers are supposed to help calm a dog with omega-3, Vitamin B, and chamomile.  There was a caution on the box that safe use in pregnant dogs or dogs that will be bred has not been proven and, even though Sunny and Rosy are both spayed, that made me hesitate.  This is another one that I want to research a bit before giving the girls.  Also, I don't know if Sunny could get any more relaxed than she already is! 
Ok so now onto the photos!

As I said before, the Whole Life treats were the girls' favorite. 

As soon as I opened up the bag, the girls started begging like crazy!  These must've smelled good!
At first the girls were very gentle and polite - "After you."  "No, after you!"  "Careful, don't scratch or bite her hand!"
And then once the girls tasted it, things got ugly!
Hey, no shoving!

In the end, they learned to share.
Next we tried the Puptato Chips.
Sunny was really eager to try these and she loved them!  They're nice and thin and crispy so they're easy for her to eat with the few teeth she has.
"Get em Sunny, get em!  Save some for me!"
Rosy's so spoiled, she didn't eat the chips at first because she didn't think they were as tasty as the Whole Life treats.
Rosy eventually gobbled up her lil chip once Sunny finished hers and started eyeing Rosy's chip.

Sorry girls, no doggy beer for you just yet.  But jeez Rosy, show some self control, you lush.
And we'll save this bone for another day when I have another one and we have a nice day to spend outside!
Rosy tried chewing on the end through the plastic!
Loved this month's BarkBox!  It was filled with healthy, yummy treats (love the grain free!) and some interesting new things I hadn't seen before.  I do wish there was at least a small toy, but I'm sure the girls would disagree with me.  Here's the June 2013 BarkBox unboxing experience summed up: