Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 2014 BarkBox

So I'm not too late with reviewing this past month's BarkBox!  We really enjoyed this month's box as it was filled with great toys and treats again!  Unfortunately none of the treats were grain free but they were all of high quality so I give them occasionally to Sunny and regularly to Rosy since she has no food issues.  So here's our review of the May 2014 BarkBox!

The items in the May box were:
  • Barkworthies Bully Stick - Aw yesh!  The girls' favorite chew treat!  I got one in the April box too so the girls were finally able to enjoy a good bully stick nosh one Sunday while I was busy in the kitchen and didn't want to be harassed by sad-eyed, tail-down, begging pugs.  As I've mentioned before, these are great because they last a decent amount of time (less so with Rosy since she's a fierce chewer) and they don't smell as bad as other bully sticks.
  • P.L.A.Y. Carrot Toy - This is a cute lil plush squeaky toy made to look like a carrot.  We've enjoyed P.L.A.Y. toys in the past and once got a zucchini toy, but the girls don't play with that one as much.  This carrot is getting a lot more action, mostly from Rosy.  But it still isn't one of her top toys.  She usually prefers toys with more limbs and stuff going on (like her precious pink yeti from a previous 
  • Caitec Amazing Knobble Ball - A squeaking ball that can also float.  It's very cute and makes a very intriguing squeaking noise that initially got the girls' attention, but they haven't played with it since.  Sunny and Rosy aren't really "ball" dogs.  I think this is such a cute and great toy in theory but probably not a great fit for my stuffy-obsessed pugs.
  • Snicky Snaks (Applie Cobbler) - Bone-shaped dog treats made in the U.S.  These are organic and are wheat-, corn-, and soy-free.  We got the apple cobbler flavor and both Sunny and Rosy loved these!!  They're in a plastic bag inside the box and the paper lid is cut in a way so that when you close it it kinda snaps into place as it fits into a little slit.  I love that because I hate it when dog treats containers don't have a great way to close it so then I end up having to transfer it to a ziploc.  This isn't airtight of course, but it's enough to keep the treats for a while.
  • Plato Organic Chicken Dog Treats - To clarify, that's chicken treats for dogs.  These are also made in the U.S. and are organic.  And they're also wheat-, corn-, and soy-free.  These treats are a bit big so I snap them in half for my dogs.  Sunny and Rosy love these!  I don't give them to Sunny that often because I like to keep her on a grain-free diet, but I do whoop these out after a cleaning or nail trimming session as a reward because otherwise Sunny gives me major stink eye and the cold shoulder.
So all in all a pretty great box!  Not one of our all time favorites because the girls didn't love the ball and they've liked other stuffies more in the past.  Plus the treats, while delicious apparently, were not grain-free.  But we still enjoyed everything and have gotten great use out of most of the items so far.

Now time for a ton of pictures!

As soon as the girls realize their BarkBox has arrived, Rosy's tail goes into helicopter mode!  Sunny always does a downward tail when she's begging.
Patience man, patience!
The pug sharks close in for the kill.
At first the high-pitched squeaking of the ball immediately drew Rosy's attention.
"Wait a second...this isn't food!"
Squeak, squeak!
"Is that a real carrot!?!"
"Ugh, no it's not a real carrot!  Take it away and give us the real thing!"
"Wait, I didn't mean it!  Don't take it away!"
The bully stick is always a favorite.
Rosy wants to make sure I don't go anywhere as she takes a deep sniff.
Hey, no grabbing!  Rude!
Look at Sunny's lil cross-eyed gaze!
Uh oh, trying to sneak a bite!
Now time to try out the treats!
"Get em Sunny, get em!  Save one for me!"
Aw how considerate of Sunny to gently grab the treat with her lips.
Rosy is not so polite and used Sunny as a step stool.
More treats!
Yeah, Sunny really liked these in case you couldn't tell.  So grabby.
Pug attack!
Dance for me!
Eye on the prize!
A few days later and Rosy is enjoying the carrot stuffy as she watches TV.  She likes that it's small enough that she can carry it as she jumps onto the couch.
Sunny is kinda ambivalent about the carrot.  
And then they both enjoyed their bully sticks!  I give Rosy the bigger one because she chews much quicker than Sunny.
We love BarkBox!

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