Wednesday, February 15, 2012

YSL Gel Blush and Soft Blush

Ack my Sephora binge didn't stop with just YSL glossy stains.  I also got a few blushes!

I got a couple of their new gel blushes.  On the left is 1 (carmine veil) and on the right is 2 (coral veil).
I always love YSL packaging.
The gel blushes are super light texture-wise and are easy to apply.  I'm happy to say they are not sticky at all.

And I also wanted to try out their soft blush because I always love a good cream blush.  I got 1 (velvety peach), described as a pinky peach.
Ack I forgot to take a photo before I swatched it!  The texture is so smooth and creamy.  And unlike some cream blushes (Tarte for one - although I still like them), it doesn't feel greasy at all.
So here are some swatches.  They don't show up very well in my apartment lighting and all three are very sheer.  I like that they're so sheer, but buildable.

On the left is the soft blush, middle is gel blush #1, and right is gel blush #2.
These are just light swipes so I think if you want a heavier blush you can definitely build up the color.  Sorry my hands are so dry, the weather is actually a bit more like real winter weather today and I was cooking and washing dishes just before this.
I can't wait to try these out on my cheeks!  I'm not sure which I'll try first.  Hmmm...

Now I know I should get up and shower after having run but my lil pug doesn't want me to get up.  She loooooves going in that spot right behind my legs.  Do you like my bright socks?
I love her no nose pics.
Oh no don't fall asleep on me!  I need to get up, but do I dare move her?


  1. your pug is the cutest! i cant wait to try these gel blushes they look amazing and i like the look of the cream blush too.

  2. Thanks Amina! The gel blushes have an amazing texture but they are super sheer so you have to build up to get a deep enough color. If you're looking for a light textured blush, I recommend the Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stains. Super light but better pigmentation. Not exactly stains though. Those are all I used during the summer! The YSL cream though is excellent! I wish there were more shades!