Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Essie's Bobbing for Baubles

Ok, I have a backlog of polish swatches so here's another one.  Essie's Bobbing for Baubles.  Again my skin and cuticles are a mess - I warned you.  This was a beautiful deep dark navy-black polish.  Amazing.  Unfortunately it's a little bit thicker and harder to apply than some of Essie's other winter 2011 polishes.  I could've just gotten a wonky one and will probably use some polish thinner next time.
I used Essie's Wrapped in Rubies and my Konad-imitation plate to add some flowers in a vertical line down the right side of my nails.  I should've done a lighter color but by the time I stamped these on, it was too late.  I wasn't going to redo my entire nail.
I had already messed up my nails before and had to take the polish off and redo it and let me tell you this polish is a pain to take off!  I think it has to do with how thick it was and it got into all the little crevices and under my nails.  At the end it looked like I'd slaughtered a bunch of smurfs.  Not pretty.
I think with polish thinner added, better skin condition, and a steadier hand, it could look amazing.  I've now put this on my toenails instead since that's a more forgiving area.  I just slather on the polish and then the mistakes on my skin eventually go away after a few showers.  Until then it looks like a mess, but it's cold out, not like I'm wearing sandals nowadays.  I love it on my toenails - it almost looks black and I love dark polish on my toenails.

And of course, obligatory pug photo.  One morning I woke up sleeping on my stomach with something heavy on top of me.  I realized it was my not so lil pug.  I carefully got my phone, trying to hide the fact that I was awake, and took some photos.  This is the only photo where you can't see my scary morning face.  You can see the state of my hair when I wake up though - not pretty.  
Do you see that giant eye booger in her left eye?

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