Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jennie Kwon Design's Arrow Earrings

My ears are super sensitive and even though I have pierced ears, I rarely wear earrings because I am really prone to infections. I wanted to get a good quality pair that I could keep in 24/7 and not have to worry about. My friend told me about Jennie Kwon Designs and I fell in love with so many pieces of her jewelry! But since I am not a millionaire with a huge jewelry spending account, I limited myself to just one item - the arrow earrings. These come in a version with diamonds, but as we already discussed, I was trying to limit my jewelry spending. These earrings are so awesome! They combine the things I love best about a stud and a dangly earring. And I haven't had any sensitivity or ear infections with them so I pretty much just keep them in all the time. The one thing that bus me is sometimes they twist to the side so the arrow doesn't hang down straight. But I just check every now and then to make sure they are straight.
I'll definitely keep an eye out on Jennie Kwon Designs' line for future jewelry purchases!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 2013 BarkBox

I'm actually on time with my review of the October 2013 BarkBox - woohoo! This month's box didn't necessarily have my favorite treats or toy but it was definitely one of the most fun boxes we've gotten! I always hope for grain free treats and the girls generally prefer soft/fuzzy toys, but this box was awesome in its own way!

One of the small nice touches about BarkBox that I love is that they always include a card with a description of every item inside.
So in this month's box we got the following:

  • Pet Qwerks chevron bear - this is the cutest toy I've ever seen! The girls were intrigued but we'll see if their interest lasts as this is definitely different than their usual favorite kind of toy. It's so cute and tiny I almost want to keep it for myself! If it could stand up on its own I'd totally keep it for myself and plant it for fun photos when traveling or something.
  • Your Dog's Diner mutt meatball mix - I so wish I had gotten this before the girls' birthday last weekend! I would've made them these meatballs as a fun birthday treat and I'm sure they would've loved it! You add a lb of meat and an egg and cook them. It makes about 40 teaspoon-sized meatballs. I'm going to make these soon and I'll freeze most of the batch for an occasional fun treat!
  • Baker's Best autumn harvest goat liver treats - I've never seen goat treats before! Well I know from dropped crumbs while cooking that Rosy loves goat cheese, so it's no surprise that she loves other parts of the goat! These are gluten-free and made in Canada. 
  • Fruitables share pack - this was such an awesome and fun addition to the box! It's a Halloween bag filled with 8 mini bags of treats that you can share with other dogs at a Halloween party or when they come by trick-or-treating haha! I think it'll also be great for stowing a small bag in my purse when we go to my sister's or my parents' so that I have some good treats for the girls while out and about. And I love that they included a nice assortment of flavors! Each pack has pumpkin and apple, pumpkin and blueberry, apple bacon, and grilled bison. These are organic and made in the U.S.
  • Superior farms lamb ears - this was the highlight of this month's box and I think these blew the girls' minds away! I've never heard of these before as I'd only seen pig ears which are super gross looking and can cause upset tummies. These are a great alternative as they are minimally processed so they're great for more sensitive tummies. They're pretty small though so these should only be given to small dogs and under close supervision.
All right, now it's time for the photos!!

The girls love investigating the new fun treats and toys in their BarkBox!
How cute is this little chevron-patterned toy?
The girls were super excited about it at first but I think it's because they thought it was a treat.
I can't wait to make meatballs for the girls! I need to add ground beef to my grocery shopping list for next weekend.
How cute and fun is this share pack?? It's even packaged like the Halloween candy bag packs! And look at Rosy's face below haha!
Look at how many fun different kinds of snack packs are inside the Fruitables share pack!
This shows how small the bags are. Sunny and Rosy just can't wait to test one of these bags out!
Each bag holds only a small amount of treats, but that's the beauty of a snack bag! You don't expect there to be a ton inside and this makes it a perfect lil treat for your dog or for a dog friend.
The girls loved the bison flavored ones.
Such gentle grabbing of the treat!
My gentle lil girls.
The Baker's Best goat liver treats are great too! They're not grain free but it's a really nice healthy treat with a great alternative protein source. I'm holding the treat under my thumb so you can see how big it is.
The girls absolute favorite item of this months' box - lamb ears! And I'm so so happy that we got 2 in the package! I hate having to put away a chew treat until I get another one so that the girls can each have one of their own.
I wish they weren't so small but I guess a lamb's ear can only be so big! I feel a bit sad/weird about giving them a lamb's ear but considering that I sometimes eat lamb now (I used to not eat it), I guess I can't deny them these chews.
Nom nom nom!

I had to take them away after a while as Rosy's got really small. She was chewing hers into a tiny lil shiv. I worry about her intent.

But it's ok because we can play with our new toy! Catch!
Also, in case you didn't notice, I decided to make my home even more of a crazy pug lady's home. Behold the girls' jungle animal thrones! I got these from the kids' section at Costco. I got the elephant as part of their birthday celebration last weekend and the lion I just got today. It's meant for small kids but as soon as I saw them I knew they'd be perfect soft plush beds for the girls! In my crazy pug lady frenzy I didn't realize until afterwards that they'll be very difficult to clean since there's no removable cover and they are huge! Ah well, they're too cute to pass up!

Lil chevron bear will keep them company.

If you're interested, you can sign up for a BarkBox at But definitely search around on the internet for a coupon/code first as there is usually one out there. I get the small box for the girls even though they technically could get the medium. I like the smaller treats for the girls (I usually still break up the treats I give them into even smaller bits) and they like the smaller toys.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marc Jacobs' Le Charm

Marc Jacob's Le Charm. I was expecting to like Gatsby better but I really loved Le Charm. It's super easy to apply, no streaks, and it adds a little extra oomph to a neutral shade so I can still wear it to work. It's a shimmery rose gold metallic polish. This is base coat, 2 coats, and then a top coat.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Marc Jacobs' Gatsby Nail Polish

I've been taking a bit of a nail polish break because my nails are really sensitive and I was having a bad reaction to either the nail polish I was using or the nail polish remover. So I haven't really been wearing or buying any new ones. But when I was in New York with my friends shopping, I stumbled across the new Marc Jacobs line at Sephora and fell in love with the nail polishes there! I love the cute round and smooth bottles and the colors are gorgeous!

I found the last Gatsby one which I loved the look of in the bottle but I don't love it as much on. Application was kinda difficult with streaks and cuticle drags. And the color was a bit pinker on me than I thought it would be. I think Gatsby should be more silver to go with the whole art deco look. But once on it was pretty, just not what I was expecting. I got some other colors and the other ones had way better application. I know metallic polishes can be difficult so I was expecting the streaks, but I was disappointed with how thick it was and the cuticle drag issue for such a pricy polish.

Here's me modeling the polish with the bottle and two lazy lazy pugs. I'll post the other Marc Jacobs polishes I got another time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013 BarkBox

I'm a little late with my review of the September 2013 BarkBox and I totally missed doing a review of the August one. But the August one was amazing and I wish I had done it earlier. Oh well, time to move on and so here's a quick review of the September one before the October one arrives later this month!
  • Wagatha's tuscan pizza flavored dog treats - I was amazed when I opened the box because these treats really do smell like pizza!  They are wheat/soy/corn free but they are not grain free. The girls really loved these treats but I probably won't repurchase since I like to stick with grain free stuff.
  • Purely Natural chicken and brown rice biscotti with sweet potato chunks - Who says biscottis are just for humans?!  These have the shape and texture of biscotti (from what I can tell from breaking them in smaller pieces, not from eating them myself) and are glycerin/soy/gluten/wheat free. But again they are not grain free. I was really loving the past few boxes because they always contained at least one grain free treat, but sadly not in this box. The girls really love this treat though!
  • Aussie Natural kangaroo toy - Rosy has been having a deep love affair with this new toy! I don't know what it is about it but she has loved this toy the most out of all the BarkBox toys we've gotten (except for maybe the whale we got in August's box but she desqueaked that real fast).  This is a stuffing-free long toy that has a rope toy inside so that even if the exterior rips there's still another sturdy toy inside. There's also a squeaker in the mouth and another one in the tail (she already killed the squeaker in the mouth). I really like the Aussie Natural toys we've gotten in our BarkBoxes. They're high quality and the girls (well mostly Rosy) really love them!
  • Vetracare pet liquid bandage spray - This is an antiseptic spray that you can use to disinfect and protect cuts and scrapes. I haven't used this yet and I don't know when I will since neither Sunny nor Rosy really gets cuts (knock on wood!). But I'm glad to have this just in case! It's something that's good to have handy but you never think to get until something happens and you're in a panic driving to the vet or pet store.
This month was great but I think I still liked the August box better. I know, I know, I keep talking up the August box and yet that's the one I didn't review! I didn't like the treats in this box as much as in past ones but Rosy really did love the toy. All in all we're very happy with the box all around!

So now come's the part where I bombard you with photos of our BarkBox opening experience!
See how much Rosy loves her new toy?!