Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My lil pug loves Thanksgiving.  She says it's her favorite holiday ever.  I am usually pretty strict about her diet and snacks but on Thanksgiving I always give her some turkey treats, and she loves me more because of it.

She's willing to dance for her turkey.
And sit for turkey.
All to nom on some turkey bits.
She puts on her best turkey begging face.
How can anyone resist this face?!
Not me.
Nom nom nom!
More dancing for turkey. Hey, she has to burn off some of those turkey calories!
This turkey binge is not helping the weight issue.
That was pre-dinner turkey snack.  Then my lil pug waited so patiently while we were eating and didn't beg at all until at the end when my sister was tearing apart the carcass for leftovers.
I couldn't resist.  I had to give her a tasty turkey bone!
Remember never let your dog chew on cooked bones - they're brittle and will break and they can swallow bits!  I let Sunny lick the bone and tear off the meat parts.  She was really really really happy.
Uh oh - don't bite the bone!  Ok, turkey binge is over.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll be MIA for a bit on vacation (yippee!).  My lil pug doesn't know it yet but I will be leaving her with her grandparents soon.  I'm a little worried how she'll deal with the separation since it'll be our longest one (what if she's super sad?  what if she adopts my mom as her new mom and forgets me?) and my parents love to overfeed her.  I think a strict diet for both of us will be in order afterwards.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Somebody Loves Me So Much...

She doesn't want to let me go.  I didn't even position her paws like this - she was hugging my arm for real! I have to pee.  Do I dare get up and wake her?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Fun

This weekend was so perfectly and wonderfully fall.  I played outside with my niece and nephew and drew on the sidewalk with chalk.  To be perfectly honest, I did nudge them towards a creatures of the sea theme (my obsession knows no bounds) but then my niece directed what I should draw.  Forgive my orca, I forgot what their coloring is like.  And that's my niece in her pink bathing suit swimming with the sea creatures.  Oh and she drew the green starfish on the right.  Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk made me feel like a kid again!  Loved it.

One Bow - Pug Shows Three Ways

I have a random bangs holder that is in the shape of a bow.  I use it when I wash up and do makeup to hold back my bangs and I like that it's a fun lil bow.  Of course silly me, I only use it one way.  My pug has shown me three ways to wear the bow.

First, there's Minnie Mouse bow.  Or should I say Minnie Pug?
Then there's over the ear bow:
And last, there's traditional bow tie.
I learn new things from my pug every day.

P.S. If anyone was wondering I got these from Pretty and Cute but there are also plain bangs holders at Imomoko if you don't want a bow shape.  I have a ton of both.  They're life savers if you have any kind of bangs for when you're washing your face or putting on makeup.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lazy Friday

I was so happy to have a 3-day weekend but then just yesterday I got hit hard by a cold.  Ugh.  I blame my niece and nephew.  Those 4-year old germs are extremely potent.  So now I've spent most of my day off lounging with my pug, watching tv, and rolling around on my couch to take photos of my pug because I'm too lazy to actually get up and reposition for better angles.

My pug was thrilled I was home.  She follows me everywhere in my lil apartment.  Whether it's out in the living room.
Or in the bathroom watching me pee.  And yes I brought my phone with me just so I could take a picture of her staring at me as I went to the bathroom.  I needed to document this as evidence.  See.  I get no privacy.

Then it's back to the couch for some lounging and watching NCIS reruns on USA.  I love the USA network.
But watching tv puts Sunny right to sleep.
If I fell asleep like that my neck would be killing me!  Now I plan to doze in and out of consciousness as I heavily mouth breathe and scare my pug with my sudden loud sneezes.  Yeah, being sick is so sexy.

NOTD (Essie's School of Hard Rocks + OPI's Flurry Up) and Sleepy Pug

This is really nail of the weekend.  Since it's a long one I decided to break out some bling.  I've got Essie's School of Hard Rocks with OPI's Flurry Up at the tips.  This is a little too flashy for me personally.  The silver is really bright!  But it's a fun different look for the weekend.  I had taken a week off to give my nails a breather.  Or was it two weeks?  Anyways, my nails and skin look well rested.  My pug sleepily approves.
I love doing the crown.
She doesn't mind posing with my fingers so long as my fingers are constantly petting her and kneading her fat rolls.

Shhhh!  Let's be quiet while she sleeps.
Here's a non pug picture (I know, boring right?).
Yaaaawn!  Maybe I'll join my sleepy pug for a nap.  It's cold and windy outside!