Friday, September 23, 2011

Quiet Evening and Conversation with Koala Pug

Come, join us for a quiet evening.  Sit, sit.  Make yourself comfortable
So, how has your day been?
Oh how very interesting! 
My day, you ask?
Well, it's been quite humid and rainy which makes me a bit sad.  Plus, I keep getting forced to wear this ridiculous hat.  I'm scared for the winter when I'm sure I'll be forced to wear this regularly and in public.

Oh that makes me nervous.  I need something to take my mind off these worrisome things.  Do you mind if I have a snack?
Mmmm, delicious lamb.  I like green eggs and lamb!  I do!!  I like them, Sam-I-Am!
Yawn!  Good night!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Pug Coat! And More Koala Pug

A new coat arrived for my lil smug pug!  Now she's a snug lil pug.
I ordered this coat from Etsy seller RoseRidgeCreations and man did it arrive fast!  I sent in my pug's neck, waist and length measurements and it arrived 4 days later!  Plus you can have your dog's name embroidered on it!
I ordered it with a D-link to attach her leash but now I kinda regret it.  She's been really bad on the leash recently so I don't think I'd feel comfortable using the D-link in case she sees a truck and wants to go chase after it (she LOVES moving and garbage trucks).  And I thought it would be just a link, I didn't realize there'd be a strip down the back.  But it's still super cute!   And I think if you have a small dog or one who is really good on the leash the D-link should be fine because the coat itself is really sturdy.  The velcro segments are super long so it's not just the edges that are connecting, it's the entire length of the straps.  I LOVE that.  I think I'm only getting custom made coats/sweaters for my pug from now on.  It makes such a difference.  Pugs have such weird measurements and coats never fit my fat, barrel-chested, thick-necked pug.  This fits great!  It's a little big near the end but I'd rather have that then it be too tight or small anywhere.

Then I decided to torment my pug and make her wear her koala hat again.
I know, I know, I'm so mean!  But don't feel too bad for her - she was acting so bad today!
Don't let that cute face fool you!
See, she's no angel!  After I took these photos I realized I didn't attach her belly band properly so I redid it and she got real nice and comfy.
Uh hey, there's room on the other side of the couch.  Can I get some space here?

Trip to the kitchen for some standing shots!  She will not stand on the couch.  I would try lifting her up and she'd flop right down.
Do you like your new coat lil pug?
Enough with the modeling.  My pug was getting so sleepy so I took off her coat.....and eventually I took off her hat hehe.
She really hates that hat.
Too bad!  It's too cute.

Essie Lady Like

I kept forgetting to take pictures of Essie's Lady Like before I changed it.  So this is with a few days wear and tear.  And I am brutal on my hands and nails so this is pretty good.  This is 2 coats, with base and top coats (both by Essie).  Sorry the lighting isn't better but dang it gets dark so early now!

I like it ok, but it's definitely not my favorite.  I like Essie's Demure Vixen better which is almost the same shade but with a very slight shimmer.  But it did grow on me the longer I wore it.  I think I like Glamour Purse and Case Study from the fall line better for a good work neutral.  But Lady Like is definitely a good work rotation polish.  And I think this would look nicer on someone with a less yellow skin tone maybe.

My koala pug approves.
Behold my polish koala pug!
A couple pics with my pug in the background.  First is without flash and the second is with flash.

And yes, my pug forces me to sit with my legs criss cross apple sauced (as my niece and nephew say) so she can lay on them.

I think I'll switch from Lady Like today.  Don't know what I'll use next though...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Essie's Power Clutch

Over the weekend I tried out Essie's Power Clutch on my fingernails.  I really like this color.  It's like a dark greenish gray.  Very easy to apply.  Two coats with Essie base and top coats.
My lil pug approved.
Here's a photo with better lighting. While this isn't quite black or green, I still feel hesitant wearing it to the office.  I think if you work in less conservative offices it's a great color to wear to work, but I feel like my workplace is still too conservative for anything in the black/gray/blue/green range.  I feel like I'm pushing it with some of my other polishes.
I'd like to point out that there's no food in my pug's food bowl.  She's just licking the inside as a not so subtle hint that she wants a treat.  I don't know why I get so much amusement out of strategically placing my fingers from a distance.  Butt pat.
My failed attempt at bunny ears.  She was moving too fast - pacing around, anticipating a treat.  Notice, I have Power Clutch on my toes too.  I normally don't do matchy matchy with my fingernails and toenails, but I wanted to try on Power Clutch on my fingernails for the weekend.
And I caved and gave my pug a baby carrot.  I of course demanded that she dance for me a little bit before.  And yes in the background is a Trader Joe's bag with my random recycling which includes a box for tabasco sauce.  I seriously buy this stuff in bulk.  I think tabasco sauce goes well on everything.  Even the Costco size isn't big enough for my usage.
Sigh, the weekend's over and I had to switch to a more office appropriate shade.  I'm trying out Essie's Lady Like which I am not liking as much.  A poor man's Demure Vixen and not as flattering of a color on me.  I'll post pictures and write more on it later.  I definitely like Case Study and Glamour Purse better than Lady Like.  But, I always like to give a few days for a new polish so we'll see.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Essie Case Study + Needy Pug

I am wearing Essie's new Case Study from its fall 2011 line.  I am torn about this one.  In the bottle I thought it was super ugly.  But on it's a bit interesting.  I've heard it described as a greenish camel but on me it's more like a greige (gray beige), with a slight hint of green.  A nice but different kind of neutral polish that is office appropriate.

I'm trying to show you a good pic of the polish but my pug had other ideas...

Stop being such a loser lil pug.
Here's a better photo of the nails plus fat pug.  I'm glad the polish came out this way because I think a straight up camel color would have looked weird on my yellow skin.
Of course my pug wouldn't sit still long enough to take another photo.  She's been licking me like craaaazy lately.
Luckily I took some other photos earlier today that show the polish better.  In these photos the polish looks much grayer than in the earlier ones.  This polish definitely looks pretty different in varying lights and backgrounds.

And let's finish this post off with some pics of my lil smug pug.  She has been very needy lately and demanding.
She forced me to sit like this.  She climbed all over me, plopped down in between my legs, leaning on my right leg and then started tipping backwards.  I had to bring my left leg forward to support her.  Thus my peter pan pose.  She forced this on me.
Are you comfy now?  Sheesh my left leg is starting to fall asleep.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Essie's Glamour Purse

So after testing out the various Essie fall 2011 polishes last night I out on Glamour Purse on my nails since I thought it was a nice office appropriate polish. It looks way more mushroomy here in the pics than in real life. I'm really loving it!

Oh and I also added in a picture of my pug admiring the Costco parking lot from the window.  She loves gazing out of that window!  And some random photos I took of her with my new phone and special camera app (because the camera by itself sucks).