Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tire Debacle, Mini Ice Cream Cones, and Essie's Smooth Sailing

Ugh this weekend I got a nail in my tire and then cautiously and slowly drove around trying to find someplace that would fix my tire.  The nearest gas station didn't have any auto repair and the second said it would take several hours.  In the meantime my pug was in the backseat and Saturday was a hot day.  With my low tire pressure light on, the tires feeling unbalanced and wobbly, and my pug panting in the backseat, I was stressed and sweating up a storm.  I continued driving and finally got to a Goodyear near my sister's house.  I dropped off my pug at my sister's air conditioned house, dropped off my car and then went to the world's most ghetto mall across the street.  Seriously, this store has like half real stores and then the other half are stores that are basically slightly nicer kiosks.  Like they moved their kiosks into a store and dumped the stuff on shelves and then threw out the kiosk.  And the one department store there is the world's worst Macy's.  So after walking around with an iced coffee I killed another hour at a Panera in the mall.  Of course they were out of large bowls and so my salad got put into two separate bowls.  Jeez this mall sucks.  The Thai chicken salad was okay.  But of course I cleaned my bowls and attacked that baguette.
And then I admired my nails.  Sorry the pics are a little blurry, I don't know why my phone wasn't cooperating.  I'm wearing Essie's Smooth Sailing.  It's pretty nice but has too much sparkle for my taste.  As I put it on I thought about how difficult it would be to take off on Sunday night with all those sparkles.  If I had to compare this to Lapis of Luxury (my current favorite blue), I'd choose Lapis in a second.
After all that unpleasantness I treated myself to my current favorite Trader Joe's obsession.  Mini ice cream cones!!  I got both the vanilla and chocolate although I like the vanilla better.  And each one is only 70 calories!  Granted they are tiny.  And I eat 4 at a time.  Hmm.
See how exhausted my lil pug is?  She doesn't even want any ice cream!
These pictures are totally not to scale.  Objects in mirror are closer, then they appear.
Another thing I love about these cones, they are completely filled inside with hard chocolate and ice cream!  Good to the last bite!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NOTD - Essie's Meet Me at Sunset + Cake Pops (not mine)

Today's NOTD is Essie's Meet Me at Sunset. I picked this up at Target and was drawn to its orangey red wonderfulness.  I already love Chubby Cheeks which is another orangey red but Meet Me at Sunset is much brighter and punchier. It was soooo easy to put on. Really. I was practically rocking back and forth in glee at the ease of this polish. I guess this is a "jelly" polish and it is awesome. A lot comes out on the brush though so I had to be a bit more careful with swiping the brush's extra polish off on the side of the bottle before applying. This is 2 coats with a base and top coat. Drying time was average. I felt like the first layer was drying a bit slowly and was worried about dents especially since I went to sleep less than an hour after applying, but I woke up to wonderfully smooth and shiny nails - no dents!

How come the blogger app doesn't let me insert photos throughout my post and I have to group them all at the end? And it never uploads in the correct order! Argh. Fail! What good is a blog post without photos?  (I actually tried to post this earlier this afternoon but the stupid app crashed.  So I waited until I got home to move the photos around and upload it properly.  Sheesh!)

I am trying a new thing where I'm eating a yummy salad, some fruit, and veggies with hummus every day for lunch and afternoon snack this week.  It makes my lunch bag to work HUGE, but I feel healthier!
Costco has amazing produce, so long as you're not a stickler for organic stuff.  Berries are out!  People were going bah-nah-nas for the strawberries there.  And dang they were out of diet coke.  How the hell does Costco run out of diet coke?!  This healthy lunch thing is good considering over the weekend I ate a ton of beef at my parents' house when my mom cooked up a bunch for my favorite meal where you cook the meat on the table and then dip it in sesame oil seasoned with salt and pepper, and then eat it with sliced green onions that are smothered in even more sesame oil and sesame seeds and spices.  But my favorite part is at the end where we take the leftover beef and onions, add in tons of homemade kimchi (my mom has spoiled me and I can only eat her homemade kimchi now - it's like a kimchi salad, so fresh and not too salty or msg-y!), some spicy red bean paste, EVEN MORE sesame oil, and rice and stir it all together into a delicious bibimbap.  See how yummy? I caught it while my mom was mid-stir in the upper part of the picture.
My mom always gives me the leftovers for lunch the next day, but I always end up eating it all at midnight.  Mmmm.  Afterwards I reek of garlic/onions for at least the next 24 hours and feel grossly stuffed and bloated and sleepy.  So.  Worth.  It.

Also today at work a coworker brought in some adorable mini ice cream cone cake pops!
I said I would just take a single bite, but I failed.
Then I said I wouldn't eat the cone, but I discovered the cone was filled with delicious melted chocolate to hold the cake pop in place.
So I ate it all. And it was good. And now I'm full. And sleepy. Good night.

P.S. Also I added a photo of my smug lil pug.  This is how she tells me she's ready to go to sleep. She crawls on my lap, blocking my view of the tv and stares at me pleadingly.  How can I resist this face?  Manipulative little pug.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Polishes and Foot Cream!

I'm wearing Essie's Fair Game again today and I am really loving this color. I hold a special place in my heart for blue polishes. It's such a pretty grayish blue. It has a bit of the metallic streaks in the first coat but they usually disappear as the coat settles. I always do at least two coats anyways and with a top coat too it ends up perfect. My evil influence is rubbing off on my mom lately. She's been trying to find a good dark green polish for a while after she realized different colored nail polishes are popular even in Korea. I asked her what colors they wear in the Korean dramas now and she replied "You know, like yours. Weird colors." Hmmm.
I also picked up a couple new polishes at Target today after I was disappointed at Ulta with aggressive yet unfriendly and unhelpful salespeople and no Essie summer collection! Seriously Ulta?! You don't have Essie's summer collection yet Target does?!  For shame, you're a beauty supply store! So I picked up Meet Me at Sunset and Smooth Sailing and am really excited to try these out! Braziliant was a bit too orange for me and the other reds were a bit too pink for me. I'm hoping Meet Me at Sunset will be the Baby Bear for this Goldilocks. And Smooth Sailing looks like a sparkly lavender blue. That'll be for my nails next weekend!
Oh and the Ulta trip wasn't completely useless. I did get Butter's Powder Finish Foot Creme. One of my friends was raving about this recently. She claims it kept her feet dry and smelling nice all day. As a regular flats wearer on the weekdays, something like this (if it works) is completely necessary and wonderful in the summer. Hope it works! I was also tempted by Butter's polishes but dang those are so much more expensive and I was good and refrained. I like to do massive amounts of internet research before I buy now (translation: I google various polish colors and ogle at the images page and then recklessly buy a ton online).
Today is H-O-T yet again and now its thunderstorming. Great. Probably will just make it muggier. Bah! I think I will lay down on the floor now next to the ac vent.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Notd deja vu - Chubby Cheeks and Randomness

So I haven't really posted any NOTD recently because I haven't bought any new polishes recently. I have sooo many now so I'm going to try and use up the ones I have as much as I can for a while. So today I am wearing Essie's Chubby Cheeks. This is one of my absolute favorites, especially for the summer. Such a cheerful orangey pink red. It goes with my skin tone much better than standard pinks or reds. I'm almost tempted to try a really orangey orange now. Maybe I should pick up one of the Essie summer colors. They have a lot of orangey reds if I recall correctly.
Also, I have started adding a calcium supplement to my diet and after trying and not loving viactiv (sticks in my teeth!) I have found the best. Adora! I adore Adora! Its a dark chocolate (I think there's a milk chocolate version but ew to milk chocolate) disc that is actually yummy!
Now I am contemplating my next phone. I have had and loved my original Droid for many moons. It was my first smart phone and will always hold a special place in my heart. But I'm ready for a new one. And lately I've dropped it so many times it's like a sign for me to get a new one. My old one is trying to run away to make room for the shiny new phone. So now my problem is deciding between the upcoming Droid 3 or the HTC Thunderbolt. Droid 3 will have manual keyboard which I <3 but won't have 4g. HTC has 4g and is supposed to be gloriously fast, but no manual keyboard, and I've heard iffy things about the developing 4g network and horrible battery life. Torn. What to do?!