Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June 2014 BarkBox

The June 2014 BarkBox was one of the best ones we've gotten so far.  Not only did we have a great time opening it, but Sunny and Rosy have continued loving the toys and treats we got in it.  This month the differences between the small and medium boxes were greater as I believe the medium box-ers got a Paris themed box.  Ours (small version) didn't have a clear theme.  Maybe monkey butt?  Because clearly monkey butt was the highlight of this box!  So here's our review of the June 2014 BarkBox!

Items in the June 2014 BarkBox were:
  • R2P Silly Bums (Monkey) - This was by far the most disturbing and hilarious toy we've ever gotten from BarkBox.  It's a furry squeaking toy that is just a monkey butt. No head, nor arms.  Nope.  All you get is a big red monkey butt!  The lack of a head kinda disturbs me but now I'm used to it.  But I prefer it if the toy is face(less) down.  Rosy went bananas (pun intended) for her monkey butt!  And every now and then Sunny joins in on the monkey butt fun.  I just like saying monkey butt.  Monkey butt.  MONKEY BUTT.  R2P makes other animal versions and some of those are available on Amazon or other pet store websites, but the monkey butt is a but rarer to find.
  • Pet Qwerks Red Tree Frog Toy - This toy is very cute but sadly it gets neglected compared to monkey butt.  Sunny doesn't like these kind of toys because she prefers those with wide and soft limbs/tails/snouts/heads/miscellaneous parts that she can suck on and the frog is too small and stiff.  Rosy might warm up to it eventually, but for now her attention is on monkey butt.
  • Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps - The packaging for these treats is adorable!  And I love the dome lid but practically it's a pain when you first open it.  When you first open it and it's full the banana crisps tumble out.  Once you get the treats to a lower level then opening and closing it is easy.  I love these crisps because they're grain- and gluten-free since the only ingredients are bananas and coconut oil!  So simple!  I love grain free treats, but usually they're all meat based so having a fruit based one is a great alternative.  These are also made in the USA.  Sunny doesn't normally like fresh bananas but she LOVES these!  I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future.  Rosy likes these ok, but when I feed them to her nowadays she'll hold them in her mouth and watch me to see if I'm reaching for something tastier before she runs off to eat her crisp in her corner.
  • Hare of the Dog Jerky (Rabbit with Aronia Berry) - Another great treat in our BarkBox!  These are also made in the USA, and are grain-free and made with no preservatives.  We've gotten biscuits from Hare of the Dog in past BarkBoxes and the girls like those ok but they really loved these jerky treats!  I saved them for special reward treats after nail clippings and groomings and every time I hold out the bag Rosy starts doing a little hopping dance!  They can be a little crumbly and are greasier than the biscuits, but the girls love these much more.
So that's it!  Usually we get 5 things in our box but the toys and treats we got in this month's box were so fantastic that I'd rather have these 4 than 5 okay things.  And now, time for pictures!

Yes, it's here.
Checking out the goods.
Of course Rosy goes right for the monkey butt.
So I pulled out the monkey butt first!  On a random note, I love how the toys we got have easy to remove tags.  Nothing worse than trying to dig out the end of one of those plastic Ts in a stuffy your dogs will be chewing on!
Getting some of that tail action.
How about the frog??
Get him Rosy!  Get him!
"Hey Rosy, ditch monkey butt and play frogger with me!"
"Hey, I said play with me, not steal from me!"
"What is this deliciousness that is emanating from this bag?!"
Treat time!
Look at Rosy's ecstatic lil face!
And now look at Sunny's Dumbo ears!
Happy tongues!
"Get it Sunny! Get it! And get me some!"
While the girls were begging, they weren't drooling.  The wet spots on the ground were from water dripping from their muzzles after they had a good long drink.  It was very hot that day!
And now we begin Sunny's interpretive banana dance.
With a Rosy banana interlude
And now back to the main banana program.
Dance for me Sunny!  Dance!  Dance dance dance! 
After the treat sampling was done, Rosy decided to check out monkey butt.  Sunny decided to check out Rosy's butt.
"It looks like a butt but it doesn't have the usual delicious butt aromas?!"
 Rosy can't get enough of the monkey butt!  (I can only imagine how search engines will direct traffic to this post with certain search terms)
See how freaky the headless- and faceless-ness is?!
Rosy went so crazy with monkey butt it started smelling badly quickly from all her noshing and so we had to give it a spin in the washer and dryer.
Even Sunny enjoys a good monkey butt every now and then!
There's more to life and BarkBox than monkey butt, but it definitely made for the best photos so this post may seem like monkey butt was the best item in the box but all of the things we got were great!  Can't wait for next month's!

If you're interested, the monthly subscription service is available at BarkBox