Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Essie Nails

I am on a baking hiatus because I was eating my desserts at an alarming pace.  I was also very aware of how much butter and sugar went into my yummy treats.  Ignorance is bliss.  Butter is also bliss.

So anyways, I've changed my polish quite often the past few weeks but haven't been posting regular pictures.  So now I'll post a few.  

I'm loving nail polish recently.  I liked it as a kid but my parents were pretty strict about me not wearing nail polish to school (weird strict rules).  I also am slightly OCD about it and would get frustrated when my polish would get dented or run while waiting it to dry and would repeatedly take off the polish and reapply until I had used a 1/3 of the bottle.  I have now figured out a decent technique that works for me and discovered the joy of a good fast drying top coat (Essie Good to Go) and so my nail polish collection has exploded recently.  Here's some of my polishes:

They're mostly Essie with a few OPIs.  I really don't like the Sephora by OPI or OPI by Sephora, whatever it's called.  It's not the same quality as regular OPI and I found it to be more runny and uneven.  Essie can be a bit runny and streaky sometimes on the first coat, but the second or third coat always fixes things.  Not so with the Sephora/OPI polishes.  Bah!

Here's Essie Main Squeeze.  It's a very light sheer lilac.  I did two coats with a base and top coat.
I really liked it!  It was a light polish I could wear to work but wasn't one of my typical nudes or pinks.  The skin around my fingers is really suffering lately with the weather fluctuations and my constant nail polish changes.  I have a not so great nail polish remover that dries out my skin but I want to use it up before moving on.

And here's Essie Tea & Crumpets.  The lighting is pretty crummy at work.  This is a shimmery pink/peach neutral.  I didn't like it at first but it grew on me!  It looks way more metallic in this picture than it shows in real life.  In real life you can definitely see the pink/peachiness better. 

And here is Essie Mambo.  I had high hopes for this one.  I was looking for a more opaque nude and Mambo is a pretty good one.  However, I think the shade is not quite right for me.  They remind me of silly putty nails.  Silly putty nails are fake nails I used to make out of silly putty when I was a kid.  I'd shape them to look like my nails only slightly longer and then stick them onto my nails.  I think I was trying to copy my mom.  I thought everyone did this with silly putty but I only recently discovered that is not the case when I was complaining to a friend about how Mambo looks like silly putty nails on me and she thought I was talking crazy talk and was thoroughly confused.

And here is Essie Buy Me a Cameo.  This is very similar to Tea & Crumpets in terms of the shimmer but this is less pink/peach and more champagne.  I really liked this as well.  My friend said it looked like Easter Eggs. I don't know what kind of fancy Easter Eggs she dyes but I want her to do all my Easter Eggs this year!  Mmm Easter chocolate.  

And here is Essie Pillow Talk.  I really like this one a lot for a sheer white/pink.  It is absolutely perfect for work and looks very clean and professional.  I kept this one on for an entire work week, but soon got tired of it and wanted to see some color.  But I will definitely return to it soon!
I don't have swatches of some of the other polishes I tried recently but I can tell you a little about some of the Essie polishes I wore this month:

Cute as a Button: I was excited to try this one out but with two coats on it's way too hot pink for my skin tone.  It's a fun color but not great for me.

Chubby Cheeks: LOVE this one!  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of my nails.  This is a perfect coral on me.  It's a teensy bit orange but that's what makes it work perfectly with my skin tone.  I got lots of compliments on my nails.

Shop Till I Drop: A pretty peachy pink.  I liked the peach in this but the polish was a bit too uneven and streaky.  It also stunk way more than the others for some reason.  And it chipped a little the next day!  Argh!  But it is a pretty light peach color that I will use again.  

Essie Over the Top: LOVE this.  It's a perfect gunmetal gray/black with a little shimmer to it.  I have been wearing this on my toes for a while now.  Beautiful.

I am trying out Sew Psyched again right now.  Just finished painting them.  The upcoming weather forecast of wintry mix on Sunday (wtf?!) made me chose a darker, less spring-y color.  Last time I tried this I thought my nails looked duck poo/fungusy but I figured I'd give this one another try.  I'll try to remember to take photos of my nails this time.  I want to try out Watermelon, but don't feel like using it until the weather is sunnier and warmer.  Look at me complaining about the cold.  Soon I'll be complaining about the hot and humid summer and wishing for winter.

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