Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Dangers of Alcohol

I think my pug has a problem.  Her name is Sunny, and she's an alcoholic.  Witness the highs and lows that she experiences under the influence of beer.  

First she gets a taste and then can't stop.
Woohoo party time!
Is there any more beer?!  I need more beer!!  Where did you hide it human?!
Is it here?!  Is this where you hid the beer?!
I'm getting a bit sleepy...
It's okay, I'll just sleep it off (pug loaf with chicken leg nap time).
Snort!  Why did you wake me up?  Did you get more beer?
I think I'm going to have to stage a pug intervention.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Internet Madness, Pug Photos, and New Harness - Yippee!

Ack it's been a while since I've posted.  I feel like it takes so much to keep up to date on the various social media and it's so much easier to post quickly and regularly using those than actually sitting down and putting together a blog post.  If Blogger actually had an even halfway decent app that might help things.  So since my last post my illustration blog's Pug Alphabet got picked up by Buzzfeed and drove a crazy amount of traffic to it!  It was insane and pretty exciting!  I'm hoping that some new opportunities will pan out and that 2012 will be a year of awesomeness so keep your fingers (or paws) crossed for me!

So in terms of Sunny updates, let's take a photo tour of recent events...

Sunny made some new "friends."
And then Sunny dabbled in some pug cannibalism.
I signed up for the Julep Maven monthly box and had some fun with it but I don't think I'll be sticking with it.  I'd rather pick the polish I want when I want it and it's double the price of Birchbox.
We took a lot of naps of course.
Sunny has been loving my new twin bath mats (I know it looks a bit funny but I love having one mat in front of my sink and another in front of my tub - and apparently so does Sunny).
(Ack stop scooting on the bath rug!!!)
Sunny kept me company every morning when I put on my makeup.
And I learned it's not wise to disturb Sunny's cuddle time with her pug pillow pal.
I used Sunny sometimes to model for my drawings (For my Pianist Pug post).
Sunny barfed on my bed one morning (ugh) and even though I never punish her or even raise my voice at her, when I started cleaning up her mess she scurried away and gave me the saddest guilty face.
And then when I changed the sheets and duvet cover she "helped" me make the bed.
And then enjoyed the fruits of my labor by sleeping in late the next morning.
(I really couldn't get her up and ended up having to pick her up and plop her on the floor)
I did my first 10 mile run on a trail around a lake nearby and loved it!
(Doesn't the lake photo below look pretty but also kind of freak you out because it reminds you of a horror film?)
And while I was gone Sunny threw a party with her "friends" and trashed the place:
Sunny sometimes inspires me to draw, and other times she hinders any attempt at drawing:
But how can I ever get angry at this face??
After all she puts up with my bothering her all the time
I've been trying to eat more fresh produce and that means more kitchen time.  While I chop and cook Sunny lays pathetically on the cold and hard kitchen floor even though the carpet and several beds are only 10-20 feet away.  I think she does this on purpose.  It works.  I give her lots of baby carrots.
Sunny and I discover new ways to take photos with the pug pillow pal every day.
And finally, I got Sunny a new harness!  We had one of those old school bare bones ones and both of us hated it.  I usually just used her collar since she's not a tugger on our walks.  But as she gets older I figure it would be best to use a harness.  So I got a regular blue Puppia one and this snazzy one with ruffles!  Of course stupid me couldn't figure out how to put it on and I put it on upside down at first.
I was sweating as I was trying to bend under Sunny and loosen the strap, all the while cursing at the harness and thinking "Wtf!  This Puppia harness sucks!  It's totally disproportionate - too short in places and too long in others!"  I was so mad that it was bunching up at the top!  Then once I got Sunny's leash for our walk I realized my mistake when I couldn't find the link to connect the leash.  D'oh!!  Poor Sunny.  See, I told you she puts up with a lot from me!

We finally made it outside and Sunny was very grateful and promptly peed:
(Is it weird that I surreptitiously take photos of my pug while she's peeing?)
Now I'm giving Sunny lots of treats so she'll correlate harness time with good things.
Sunny's no fool.  She knows where the treats come from.  She's ready for more baby carrots!
Phew!  So now I think I've done a full update on what's been going on at Chez Sunny (man I'm such the beta in this household).  Happy hump day!