Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Feet Issues (Pug and Human)

My pug and I are having some feet issues.

So in the middle of last week I got a call from my dog walker in the afternoon because my apartment building door had closed on my lil pug too quickly and her foot got caught in it and cut up.  I have no idea how the door could cut her foot, but it is a heavy glass and metal door.  I came home a little early to check up on her.  The bleeding had stopped and she was walking on it fine, but I still had a mini freak out.
Do you see all that pug hair on my couch?  That's her lounging spot.  I really need to get a leather couch next time because this cheap couch holds onto every piece of fuzz and fur and shoes every little stain, including water stains!  I hate this couch so much.

Of course, my Houdini pug managed to wriggle her way out of the bandage pretty soon.  Seriously, how did she get her foot out of that while keeping the bandage intact?  By then I thought it would be good to keep her foot open anyways.  At least while in my apartment.  Outside I put a little boot/sock thing on.
She looked so cute and peaceful I did my best to stealthily reach for my camera to take photos.

Sunny is putting up with the whole ordeal pretty well.  Look at her putting on her stoic, brave face.
But of course she needs plenty of rest to heal!  YAWN!
And speaking of feet...I got a new pair of running shoes, Brooks Trance, and I've come to a realization about my feet and running shoes.  
I think I need to buy men's or unisex shoes.  The Brooks Trance are generally great shoes - very light, roomy toe box, cute, well made.  But the heel area is just a bit too narrow for me and I had some foot numbness issues (a common problem for me when my shoes are too narrow or not tall enough).  Thinking back on all the shoes that have worked best for me recently, they're either unisex (Brooks' Green Silence - love them after I managed to break down that extra bit of glue on the left heel that caused bleeding that first time) or men's (my brother-in-law had an extra pair of shoes he gave me when I first started running).  I also do best with shoes that are a bit too big for me.  I like having that extra room, almost like they're slipping off.  So while I like my Brooks Trance and can work with them with looser lacing, I don't love them as much as I thought I would and they feel like a lot of shoe on my foot now that I'm used to more minimal shoes.  Hopefully once I break them in more I'll enjoy them better, but the next pair I get will be men's or unisex minimal shoes.


  1. We hope Sunny's foot heals soon. Pugs I think should be a magicians best friend they can do amazing things...mischievous things that it like wiggling out of the bandage.

  2. Thanks! Seriously, sometimes I think Sunny is a contortionist/magician!

  3. Sunny has such a cute brave stoic look. I am also liking the picture where she is yawning. How old is she? I hope that she feels better and heals up soon!

  4. You're lucky you don't have a full grown parrot. Try putting a sock on him! Actually he's gotten very tolerant of me clipping his toenails, but it took years before I could do it without wearing gloves.

    Your talk about shoes reminded me of what my Grandfather used to say:
    "I wear a size 10, but an 11 feels so good I just by a 12".

  5. Oh little Sunny
    I hope your little footie feels better soon.
    Boo boos are no fun! I am sure your momma kissed it for you.
    nitey nite

  6. Sunny thanks everyone for the well wishes! Her foot is healing very nicely but she still makes her sad face to get more treats. I suspect she's faking it now. Hmm...

    Frankenstyna - Sunny is 7, going to turn 8 this year (so old already - sadness!).

    Ted - That is so me. My shoe size has been inching up slowly and my feet are all the happier! I can't even imagine having to clip a parrot's nails - I'd be scared of that beak!

    Tweedles - Sunny agrees that boo boos are no fun!