Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pug (of course), Cookies, More Running Shoes, Essie's No More Film, and Awesome Kites

First thing's first.  My pug:
She is a super licky pug.  I don't like her licking my feet, but I prefer it to her licking my face.  So I allow it.  How perfect is it that I captured this moment right when her lil tongue is at its biggest?
So regal.
A few weeks ago I was craving my peanut butter/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies and I had no butter.  So lesson learned - next week I stocked up on butter for any future cravings.  And tada, I was craving the cookies again the following weekend and I had all the ingredients!  I ate like 6 of these straight out of the oven.
I could've gotten a better picture of the inside but after I took this I promptly started stuffing my face with cookies and so it's hard to take pictures with chocolate covered fingers.
I tried yet another pair of running shoes, Saucony's Mirage.
Yes these are horrifically white but because the color isn't so cute I got them for suuuuuuper cheap.  These are the lightest shoes I've ever tried.  Light as a feather!  Buuuut, these have horribly large, bulky tongues that slide and bunch up.  By mid-run the tongues had slid completely to the side, bunched towards my toes and was pressing on that nerve that causes my right foot to go numb.  So disappointed.  If I could fix the tongue I'd be happy.  This has to be the worst tongue I've ever had in a running shoe though.  I'm pretty surprised at the poor construction for this shoe considering it's normal selling price.  It almost felt a little cheap on my foot.  Part of it is the light minimal material, but that tongue felt poorly built and sewed in.  Ugh.  So the search continues.  Until then, I bought another pair of backup Brooks Green Silence.

Below is a slightly blurry pic of my nails for the week - Essie's No More Film.  This is one of those extremely rare one coaters.  Yup, complete opacity with one coat!  This is a base coat, one coat of polish, and a top coat.  It started to chip 4 days later though so if you want it to be more durable maybe add on another coat just to be safe.
One windy spring day I saw a bunch of kites around the mall near Washington Monument.  I saw the most awesome kite EVER.  It's a giant kite shaped like a squid and as the wind moves the tentacles it looks like it's floating in the sea!  I wish everyone could've seen this because it was super awesome party.


  1. I confess to being a Licky Lou too but my tongue is not so big. Kinda little and heart shaped. . . so of course WHY WOULDN'T I show it off, a lot.
    Love Noodles

    1. Sunny wholeheartedly agrees! I wish Sunny's tongue was smaller or she was less licky. But she's so spoiled, I let her get away with anything, including basting me.

  2. Replies
    1. Not as nice as your new ring! Now I need a new bracelet. I still haven't gotten my skull one fixed. I keep forgetting to!