Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Sunny!

Hey Sunny, wake up, wake up!
Come on wake up!  I have a special surprise for you!
Happy 8th birthday Sunny!  You may have thought I had forgotten, but I didn't!  And to celebrate, I have some hamburger for you!
Sniff it.
Want it. (why is her paw up like that?)
Sunny couldn't believe this tasty treat was for her and she spent a good several seconds just sniffing it with her one paw in the air.

But once she knew what it was and that it was for her, she went bananas!
Aw you finished the hamburger piece?  Don't worry, I have more!
Sunny was in burger heaven!
Sunny soon stopped caring about my fingers and just chomped away.  Ouch!
Another bite?  Well, okay!
Ok last bite!
Nom, nom, nom.  Burger bliss!
"Pleeeease!!!! One more bite????  Just a tiny one??"
Well, ok, but this is the absolute last one!  Enjoy!
Now Sunny's in a food coma.
Happy 8th birthday Sunny!  I couldn't imagine my life without my lil Sunny bunny.  I just wish she would stop aging!  So here's to another year, another wrinkle, and another pound (jk, although Sunny wouldn't mind it!).  Happy birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Sunny! Why do our doggies have to age? Makes me so sad to think about it. But at least Sunny got some burger!

  2. Happy birthday Sunny! May you have many more!

  3. Happy birthday Sunny boo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the hamburger pictures! That's the quintessential pug-grabbing-food picture, LOL. I see that face often :)