Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I shake my fist at you puny cold!

Being sick sucks so much. And getting a little cough and staying home from work is one thing. But what I have right now is a full on crazy mad cold that has grown and mutated among little kid germs. Seriously ever since I moved here and now see my niece and nephew regularly I get kicked by their little germs. My niece has a slight cough and fever but otherwise is fine and running around with 1000x more energy than me on a good day.  I dread the day they get chicken pox or something. Yeah I had it as a kid but its possible to get it again and knowing their super strong mutated germs it would so infect me.

I've been battling this cold now for 7 days! It started as a chest cold and is now well into my sinuses.  Yea. And I need to get better before Friday when I fly to Vegas with some friends! Bah! I shake my fist at you stupid cold! I hate you!

Upon the advice of a coworker I am going to Vitamin C myself like crazy. I forgot about these little emergen-c things. Hope it works! as I was buying this at my work's mini store I also discovered. This awesome limited time only Diet Snapple Papaya Mango Tea. Mmmmm! Why is it only for a limited time?! Why is there an Amazing Race logo? So many questions. I am getting back into a Snapple phase and am loving this one in particular.

Also, do you see my new ear buds wrapper? I loves it! I bought a bunch of fun and cute things from Cotton Candy Friends including a couple ear bud wrappers. I love them! Cotton Candy Friends sells a bunch of random fun Korean things.  It's a bit of a pain for shipping internationally but it never hurts to exercise my sorely underused patience skills.  My people know how to do cute and unusual things very well. Anyways I also got an adorable pink ninja one but it doesn't hold my wire very well.  Sadness. But this cute puppy dog does the trick! I see a lot of people staring at it during my commute. They are either thinking, " OMG where did she get that? It is so cute and practical! I must have that!" or "Um isn't that busted old lady too old for something like that? Ew did she just sneeze on me?" I choose to believe the former.

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