Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Sunny!

Today is Sunny's gotcha day!

I've had this lil funny bunny for two years now!  It's weird because it feels like I've had her forever, but it's only been two years.  Anyways, I had to do something special for Sunny's gotcha day so I decided to whoop out some special human treats.  Contrary to appearances, I am actually quite strict with Sunny's diet and the only human food I give her usually are baby carrots.  So today I decided to let Sunny have a taste of some bacon (turkey bacon though).  Little did she realize the awesomeness she was about to taste.
Sniff it.  Want it.
And it never fails - as soon as Sunny realizes I'm holding a tasty treat for her, she gets up on her back legs and dances around.  I've never trained her to do this on purpose, it's just something she started doing and I encouraged.  
Hehe look at her funny face below!
And here's a turkey bacon mustache for you Sunny!
Here you go Sunny - enjoy!
Sunny was so intent on getting big bites sometimes one side of her face would scrunch up while she gnawed on the turkey bacon.
But Sunny, since I've now had you for two years, I think you should get a second treat for the second year!  Here's a piece of grilled chicken!
Dance for me!
And here's a chicken strip hat.
Sunny wants that chicken so badly she's getting sloppy with her tongue.
Enjoy the chicken!
That's it - no more!  See, there's nothing left in my hand!
Hmm, but maybe I should give you a third treat for our coming third year together.  Ok, you convinced me - here's some peanut butter!
Go nuts! (hehe)
Oh Sunny.  Your tongue is totally missing the tasty peanut butter glob.  Other side of the spoon!  Other side!
Here, I'll turn over the spoon for you silly.
Sunny was in bliss!
I also got a new toy for you Sunny!  A pink elephant!  But you don't care about it because you're still looking for more tasty treats.
Finally, Sunny noticed the elephant toy.  But I think she wishes it was covered in bacon, chicken, and peanut butter.
Happy Gotcha Day Sunny!  I'm so glad to have you in my life!  And I know you are so glad to have my hands filed with treats in your life!


  1. happy gotcha day Sunny! Looks like you had a tasty good time.

    the girls

  2. Hi! The faces of her LOL!!! I have the same fun with my puggie-wooggiee! :)
    Try to give Sunny an egg yolk. Preferably organic - less hidden chemicals and you really have to separate that yolk from the white cuz white apparently ain't good for doggies. Yellow stuff tho is perfect for the hair/fur. Makes it shiny and soft. ONLY 1 PER WEEK THO!!! Strict! When Ziutek first had it I'm pretty sure he thought he got into the food heaven and I was in stitches when he lifted his head from his bowl and I saw the dirty little "face" covered in egg yolk. PRICELESS!!!
    I'm also very strict with human treets. Carrots and egg yolks - that's all he's getting lol. ;)

  3. How wonderful! She's so cute! Our now deceased pug, Winifred, used to do that happy dance about treats and all sorts of things. We called it the tomato dance because she was spotted doing it under our friends' raised tomato plants and actually picking little tomatoes to treat herself! Congratulations on being a family with Sunny. I think she's absolutely adorable.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, Sunny!!! Looks like a lot of wonderful gotcha day treats (I would surely enjoy them!)

  5. Aw, she's so sweet!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Sunny!

  6. Thanks for all the gotcha day wishes! Sunny thoroughly enjoyed it!