Monday, September 28, 2015

House (Part 2) - Tweaks and Moving In

Since I didn't want to further deplete my savings after buying the house, I kept my improvements limited to new paint, refinishing the floors, and filling it with furniture.  I'd lived in small apartments for so long, I needed to buy a lot of new stuff.

So, before we moved in, I had my contractor working on these relatively small tasks.  I'm not a huge fan of darkly stained floors and worried they'd show scratches from the girls' nails too easily.  So I opted for clear coats to keep a natural finish.
And I fretted forever on paint choices.  Since the living room and dining room were painted in such strong colors, I chose dark colors just in case.  I didn't want the old paint bleeding through.  Plus, I'd always wanted a dark blue room.  I never painted any of my apartments because I felt like there was no point when renting.  So I was super excited to have walls painted in colors of my choice!  All trim was painted in Benjamin Moore's White Dove.

The living room was painted in Benjamin Moore's Stained Glass
An almost teal blue that looks different depending on the light.
Downstairs room/office was painted in Benjamin Moore's Smokestack Gray, a medium toned gray with hints of blue (if you can't tell already, I'm a blue-aholic).
Dining room was painted in Benjamin Moore's Hot Apple Spice, a dark burgundy red.
Yes, my downstairs has a slight red, white, and blue effect which I realized near the end.  But the reds and blues are not true reds and blues and so I think it isn't too American flag-ish.  

Upstairs smaller bedroom was painted in Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl, a perfect cool light gray (I kinda wish I'd painted the larger bedroom this color too).
And the main bedroom was painted Benjamin Moore's Grege Avenue.  While I love this grege, I slightly regret not switching the two bedroom's colors.  Grege has purple tones in it which slightly clashes with some of my bedding.

On moving day, the movers brought in my laughably small amount of furniture (though it still costed a fortune to move of course) and I waited for my parents to bring Sunny and Rosy that evening.
I left the girls with my parents on moving day so they could avoid the stress of having strangers coming in and out of the apartment taking away their possessions.  I highly recommend doing that if you move.  It was great to not have to worry about them getting underfoot or running out the door and I knew they were having a blast at my parents.  I got out their beds and toys to ready the house for their arrival.
I actually put the animal thrones in my car because they were so darn big they wouldn't fit in garbage bags and I didn't want to use up the big boxes for them.

And then they arrived!
The girls were a bit distraught at all the change.  They especially did not like the slippery floors.
Or the stairs.
They thoroughly inspected every inch of the house.
And I think they secretly wished that I'd take them back to the apartment for the first few weeks.  They really bonded in their dislike of all this change.

Next up, I'll talk about the new furniture and making the house feel more like a home.

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