Friday, September 16, 2011

Essie Case Study + Needy Pug

I am wearing Essie's new Case Study from its fall 2011 line.  I am torn about this one.  In the bottle I thought it was super ugly.  But on it's a bit interesting.  I've heard it described as a greenish camel but on me it's more like a greige (gray beige), with a slight hint of green.  A nice but different kind of neutral polish that is office appropriate.

I'm trying to show you a good pic of the polish but my pug had other ideas...

Stop being such a loser lil pug.
Here's a better photo of the nails plus fat pug.  I'm glad the polish came out this way because I think a straight up camel color would have looked weird on my yellow skin.
Of course my pug wouldn't sit still long enough to take another photo.  She's been licking me like craaaazy lately.
Luckily I took some other photos earlier today that show the polish better.  In these photos the polish looks much grayer than in the earlier ones.  This polish definitely looks pretty different in varying lights and backgrounds.

And let's finish this post off with some pics of my lil smug pug.  She has been very needy lately and demanding.
She forced me to sit like this.  She climbed all over me, plopped down in between my legs, leaning on my right leg and then started tipping backwards.  I had to bring my left leg forward to support her.  Thus my peter pan pose.  She forced this on me.
Are you comfy now?  Sheesh my left leg is starting to fall asleep.


  1. She is so adorable sitting there in your legs. What a cutie pie.

  2. Haha yes after I took the photos I promptly attacked her with hugs and belly rubs! She has me so well trained.