Monday, May 16, 2011

NOTWeekend - Essie's Da Bush

So over the weekend I wore Essie's Da Bush from the 2011 resort collection. I know this one has gotten a lot of interest and raves but for me this was just "interesting" (as my mom phrased it with a slight wrinkling of her nose). I think creamy pastels do not like my skin tone. And the feeling is mutual. I much prefer Sew Psyched for a different green polish. And sorry to say but this was also not the greatest in terms of application. Very streaky on the first coat and required 3 coats in all.  You can see what a difficult time I had with the crappy job I did on my thumb. That polish was all up in my cuticles' bizness and slid to the side.
Also some random sidenotes on Essie polishes. Your Hut or Mine is my favorite from the resort collection but man its a pain and a half to take off because of the shimmer/glitter. And I also got the tiny box set of Essie's spring 2011 collection and hate almost all of it. Colors clash with yellow based skin and the application is the worst ever! So streaky that by the time I got to any semblance of opacity it was goopy and thick. FAIL. Oh Essie what are you doing? Luckily my application of Chinchilly last night restored my faith in Essie. Lovely color and an absolute dream to put on. Soooo smooth and even. I think its my favorite polish right now.
I have another old NOTD to post but my obsession with nail polish may be fading. I still love and wear it but a new obsession has started to take hold of my little brain. Enter the bento box...

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