Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tire Debacle, Mini Ice Cream Cones, and Essie's Smooth Sailing

Ugh this weekend I got a nail in my tire and then cautiously and slowly drove around trying to find someplace that would fix my tire.  The nearest gas station didn't have any auto repair and the second said it would take several hours.  In the meantime my pug was in the backseat and Saturday was a hot day.  With my low tire pressure light on, the tires feeling unbalanced and wobbly, and my pug panting in the backseat, I was stressed and sweating up a storm.  I continued driving and finally got to a Goodyear near my sister's house.  I dropped off my pug at my sister's air conditioned house, dropped off my car and then went to the world's most ghetto mall across the street.  Seriously, this store has like half real stores and then the other half are stores that are basically slightly nicer kiosks.  Like they moved their kiosks into a store and dumped the stuff on shelves and then threw out the kiosk.  And the one department store there is the world's worst Macy's.  So after walking around with an iced coffee I killed another hour at a Panera in the mall.  Of course they were out of large bowls and so my salad got put into two separate bowls.  Jeez this mall sucks.  The Thai chicken salad was okay.  But of course I cleaned my bowls and attacked that baguette.
And then I admired my nails.  Sorry the pics are a little blurry, I don't know why my phone wasn't cooperating.  I'm wearing Essie's Smooth Sailing.  It's pretty nice but has too much sparkle for my taste.  As I put it on I thought about how difficult it would be to take off on Sunday night with all those sparkles.  If I had to compare this to Lapis of Luxury (my current favorite blue), I'd choose Lapis in a second.
After all that unpleasantness I treated myself to my current favorite Trader Joe's obsession.  Mini ice cream cones!!  I got both the vanilla and chocolate although I like the vanilla better.  And each one is only 70 calories!  Granted they are tiny.  And I eat 4 at a time.  Hmm.
See how exhausted my lil pug is?  She doesn't even want any ice cream!
These pictures are totally not to scale.  Objects in mirror are closer, then they appear.
Another thing I love about these cones, they are completely filled inside with hard chocolate and ice cream!  Good to the last bite!

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