Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Notd deja vu - Chubby Cheeks and Randomness

So I haven't really posted any NOTD recently because I haven't bought any new polishes recently. I have sooo many now so I'm going to try and use up the ones I have as much as I can for a while. So today I am wearing Essie's Chubby Cheeks. This is one of my absolute favorites, especially for the summer. Such a cheerful orangey pink red. It goes with my skin tone much better than standard pinks or reds. I'm almost tempted to try a really orangey orange now. Maybe I should pick up one of the Essie summer colors. They have a lot of orangey reds if I recall correctly.
Also, I have started adding a calcium supplement to my diet and after trying and not loving viactiv (sticks in my teeth!) I have found the best. Adora! I adore Adora! Its a dark chocolate (I think there's a milk chocolate version but ew to milk chocolate) disc that is actually yummy!
Now I am contemplating my next phone. I have had and loved my original Droid for many moons. It was my first smart phone and will always hold a special place in my heart. But I'm ready for a new one. And lately I've dropped it so many times it's like a sign for me to get a new one. My old one is trying to run away to make room for the shiny new phone. So now my problem is deciding between the upcoming Droid 3 or the HTC Thunderbolt. Droid 3 will have manual keyboard which I <3 but won't have 4g. HTC has 4g and is supposed to be gloriously fast, but no manual keyboard, and I've heard iffy things about the developing 4g network and horrible battery life. Torn. What to do?!

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