Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Blush Collection

So today I'm going to go through my current blush collection.  
I was never into blushes when I was younger.  I always focused on my eyeliner and lipstick.  It was only near the tail end of college that I discovered the beauty of blush and what a difference it can make.  I'm including bronzers/contour blushes in this because I consider them all grouped together.  I use all of them to add definition or glow to my face.  

I think I was turned off blushes initially because I didn't pick the right colors and didn't know how to apply them. I also think there is a big difference in quality of blushes and so I tend to stick with Nars and Shu Uemura.  There could be others out there that are perfectly fine, but those are just my personal preferences.  I first got into blushes after walking into a Mac store, seeing the scarily made up sales assistants and asking for a blush that won't look like a blush.  I was introduced to Strada and was a devout user of it for a couple years.  I wish I still had one so I could swatch it here but I stopped using that a looong time ago.  Soon, I craved a more pink and visible blush.  And then I moved onto Nars Sin and Outlaw, and eventually Orgasm and Amour.
I love Nars blushes because they're so well pigmented and finely milled so you can dust on a small amount and have a beautiful light but true color and then build on it to achieve the level of color you want.  And while some of their blushes are glittery looking, it's all so fine that you barely notice it on the skin.  In fact, as you can tell from the photo above, I only really use the glittery ones and barely used Amour.  I've had these for a while and the texture has hardened a little bit.  Also Nars cases are forever looking dirty and dusty and I hate that! 

I then decided to try something a little different and ventured into bronzer land with Laguna.  I was hesitant and scared to look too freakish but Laguna is perfect.  Not a hint of orange here and easily buildable.  I like to use just a very sheer small amount during the summer when I have a bit more color already.
I was pretty loyal to Nars for a while but then I entered into my Shu obsession a few years ago and so of course I had to broaden my blush collection
I use the Amber mainly for light contouring or if I want a blush that doesn't look too pink.  I use the pinks depending on my mood when I apply.  If I want a very light pink I choose 33E and if I want a little more punch I choose 30.  I like Shu because, like Nars, it's very pigmented and buildable.  You want to use a very light hand at first when applying Nars and Shu blushes so you don't end up with clown cheeks.  

Then I was introduced to Shu's Satin Glow Radiant Stick Blush and I was in love.  It's practically mistake proof.  In fact I often smear it onto my cheeks in round clown circles to get enough color on my cheeks.  With this stick you definitely don't want to use a light hand!  And afterwards I usually blend out with my fingers the edges.  If I went overboard with applying it, I'll rub my entire cheek area to blend it out and lighten it up.  But the color looks beautiful and very glowy!  I think this was a limited edition and I considered stocking up on this but forgot about it for a while.  Sorry it looks so gross below, the last time I used it I put the lid on without twisting the blush down so it got all smashed.
Part of the reason I forgot about stocking up on the Shu stick was that I became obsessed with a different blush.  After Shu deserted us in the US, my favorite makeup sales assistant switched to Nars and introduced me to the new gel multiple.  I tried them out and opted for Beverly Hills, a beautiful rosy pink.  It looks scary red at first in the tube but the color is very very sheer.  I used this all summer long because I was worried the Shu cream would be too heavy with the hot and humid summers.  Beautiful color.
So here are swatches of all my blushes on my arm.  I ran out of room!
Here are close ups of the first four from the left on my arm.
And here are the remaining blushes.  Sorry the Shu Satin Glow is hard to see on my wrist.
And of course, no post is complete without a little pug!  So somehow my little pug has gotten in the weird but cute habit of climbing onto my side whenever I'm laying on my couch.  There have been a few times where I'm taking a nap and wake up because she's laying on my chest and snoring loudly in my ear.  I love it.  

There have been times where I wake up on my couch after having passed out and finding that it's super duper late in the night.  I curse myself for having fallen asleep with all my makeup and wash up thinking of the precious few hours I have left for "real sleep" in my bed.  All the while my lil pug is looking all smug that she managed to cuddle with me (I don't let her sleep on my bed) and at the same time pissed that I interrupted our sleep session.  Look at that smug expression on her face.

I was trying to move my arm out of the way for the picture but it looks like I'm making her smell my armpit and she's recoiling in disgust haha!
That's all for now - until next time!


  1. I love the NARS blushes except for their glittery quality. I always feel like my face says, "I just went to a rave! I like body glitter!" when I use Sin. Ooh, today I used a NARS multiple for contouring, Orgasm for apples of the cheeks, and a little highlighter. It was great! But takes too long so I will just have to be all washed out on regular days.

  2. Yes all the contouring and different shades can take up too much time in the morning. Lately because I've been waking up later I just smear on the Shu stick in clown circles. I love that it's impossible to make it look bad. Even when I smear it as clown circles it looks like amazing flushed cheeks. I'm not a huge fan of the Nars powder blushes anymore. I think I prefer cream and gel blushes too much now.