Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday, TJs Love, Fairy Drops, Skin79 Quick Review and Sephora FF Haul!

Sunday afternoon was so bright and sunny, my lil pug enjoyed some sunbathing on my couch.  Even though I just bought this couch a couple months ago she's completely demolishing it with her licking, shedding and rolling.  I probably should have covered it with a blanket whenever she goes on it but too late now.  Le sigh.  Life with a pug.

I am loving these Trader Joe's chicken nuggets lately.  They are not that bad for you and one serving (4 nuggets) is only 190 calories.  I like to dip them in ketchup or bbq sauce.  Yum!

Look what came in the mail recently!  Fairy Drops!  I've heard such great things about this mascara and so my expectations are set high.  It's supposed to be great at separating and curling without clumping.  I've been loving my Shiseido Integrate Separate and Curl Mascara so far so let's see how Fairy Drops compares.  I never normally like mascaras but I had read that Asian mascaras are great at not weighing down short downcast lashes.  Now if only I could get a better eyelash curler.  I'm not a Shu Uemura or Koji curler fan (they both pinch!).  I've been thinking of going back to Shiseido which I used a while back and I remember liking that one but it's sold out on Sephora and I'm too lazy/busy to go to a store and buy it.

As part of my Imomoko haul a little while ago I got the Skin79 bb cream after reading such good reviews on it.  Immediately after application it looked pretty good but after a couple hours at work and my first bathroom break I did a double take in the mirror.  I had little lines/creases all over my cheek area.  It looked HORRIBLE!  I don't even know what those were because I didn't think I had wrinkles in that area of my face!  Do you see?  Do you see?!  

I sent this photo to my friend and she was impressed with my camera phone's ability to get such an up close photo.  Love my Droid!  But getting back to the topic - I was horrified and tried getting rid of them by rubbing, splashing some water on them and even resorting to using a small dab of my hand cream to smooth it out.  Nada.  I suffered all day self conscious of my newly acquired mini wrinkles and vowed never to use Skin79 bb cream again.  Never again.  

I am also not impressed with the Beautymaker concealer from my Imomoko haul.  Didn't blend in very well and didn't look very natural.  But nothing like the Skin79 debacle of '10.  But I am enjoying my Lunasol under eye concealer.  I need to test these out more though.  

My Sephora FF haul came in today!  20% off woohoo!  And I had so many points saved up I got a lot of freebies.  That DDF lotion on the left is a full sized lotion I got for free!  I'm psyched to try the different cream eye shadows, Murad eye cream and Alterna shampoo, but I'm so disappointed at how small the shampoo actually is.  Poop.  A lot of this haul is restocking my standard stuff too.  Sale lasts until tomorrow so stock up before then!

Ok my stinky pug is demanding some attention now and I have some work to do (poop) and an intriguing Law & Order SVU is on that I've never seen before that has Sayid from Lost on it with his British accent!  I should pay closer attention and figure out what's happening because I'm a bit confused - Detective Benson just yelled at some lil old man to kneel and he licked her boot.  Whaaa?

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