Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Bento Box!

So my new bento box finally arrived and I was psyched to test it out with a more varied lunch from my standard turkey sandwich that was boring me to tears.  I'm in a major food rut and was hoping that having a bento would help curb cravings and at the same time keep my portion control in check.  I don't cook much so a lot of the food is from Trader Joe's (my favorite place for grocery shopping).

Isn't my new box cute?
So I am kinda cheating because my mini pitas don't fit into my box and so I put them in a separate ziploc.
Bottom box has a mixture of veggies tossed in a teeny bit of balsamic vinaigrette, some hummus, some banana chips and a couple dark chocolate wedges hiding below.
Top box (which looked tiny and shallow when I first saw it) is filled with some quinoa, a chicken sausage and a potato pancake (cut in two).
This shows how tiny the box is.  Also I am loving this new dressing.  I was prepared for the box to be small but I guess I wasn't prepared for how tiny the actual interior boxes would look.  Luckily it holds a lot if you cram it in.  Also, the food in here is way more satisfying and filling than my old sandwiches.  It definitely is more calorie and fat wise, but not a terrible amount more, and I'm hoping that I can space out my eating a little throughout the day and get rid of my previous afternoon snacks. 
This does take much more time and effort than my old lunch.  But I'm hoping that I can get more efficient with practice and planning in advance.  And now I'm actually looking forward to lunch.  So excited for lunch tomorrow!

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  1. Your bento box is super cute! And the way you presented the food looks sooo good. Like, "I want to go back to TJ's after shopping there two days ago" good.