Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bento and Overweight Pug

Another bento lunch! Top box is an egg and rice combo with some Korean spice on top, potato pancake and some chicken shumai. Bottom box is a collection of different peppers and celery sliced up to act as vehicles for my TJ's Mediterranean hummus. Oh and an apricot. I am obsessed with hummus recently. In fact last night I had a hummus binge where I cut up a ton of veggies and then laid out all my different kinds of hummus (I have four currently sitting in my fridge) and went to town on them.
Also the vet has said that my lil pug is not so little and needs to lose some weight. But it's hard to say no to her especially when she sits by the fridge waiting for me to open it so that she can beg me for some carrots. Sigh. Must. Be. Strong!

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