Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Bow - Pug Shows Three Ways

I have a random bangs holder that is in the shape of a bow.  I use it when I wash up and do makeup to hold back my bangs and I like that it's a fun lil bow.  Of course silly me, I only use it one way.  My pug has shown me three ways to wear the bow.

First, there's Minnie Mouse bow.  Or should I say Minnie Pug?
Then there's over the ear bow:
And last, there's traditional bow tie.
I learn new things from my pug every day.

P.S. If anyone was wondering I got these from Pretty and Cute but there are also plain bangs holders at Imomoko if you don't want a bow shape.  I have a ton of both.  They're life savers if you have any kind of bangs for when you're washing your face or putting on makeup.

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