Friday, November 11, 2011

Lazy Friday

I was so happy to have a 3-day weekend but then just yesterday I got hit hard by a cold.  Ugh.  I blame my niece and nephew.  Those 4-year old germs are extremely potent.  So now I've spent most of my day off lounging with my pug, watching tv, and rolling around on my couch to take photos of my pug because I'm too lazy to actually get up and reposition for better angles.

My pug was thrilled I was home.  She follows me everywhere in my lil apartment.  Whether it's out in the living room.
Or in the bathroom watching me pee.  And yes I brought my phone with me just so I could take a picture of her staring at me as I went to the bathroom.  I needed to document this as evidence.  See.  I get no privacy.

Then it's back to the couch for some lounging and watching NCIS reruns on USA.  I love the USA network.
But watching tv puts Sunny right to sleep.
If I fell asleep like that my neck would be killing me!  Now I plan to doze in and out of consciousness as I heavily mouth breathe and scare my pug with my sudden loud sneezes.  Yeah, being sick is so sexy.


  1. hahaha.. the sleeping pictures made me LOL

    Feel better!!!

  2. Really she can sleep like she is too much we love her. Emma follows me everywhere too which includes sitting on the mat out side the shower while I shower ever day. its like I may magically wash away if she wasn't there watching.

  3. I'm also a huge USA (and pug!) fan. Love these pics!!!!

  4. Haha thanks everyone! Yes, she really does sleep like that sometimes! Sometimes her head will eventually come down but other times it stays up for a freakishly long time. She also has me trained now so that when I'm at the computer too long she gets impatient and will paw at my arm until I move my leg up on the couch to provide a arm/chin rest for her.

    And I could watch USA all day long. Except for NCIS LA. And I'm starting to give up on Covert Affairs.