Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My lil pug loves Thanksgiving.  She says it's her favorite holiday ever.  I am usually pretty strict about her diet and snacks but on Thanksgiving I always give her some turkey treats, and she loves me more because of it.

She's willing to dance for her turkey.
And sit for turkey.
All to nom on some turkey bits.
She puts on her best turkey begging face.
How can anyone resist this face?!
Not me.
Nom nom nom!
More dancing for turkey. Hey, she has to burn off some of those turkey calories!
This turkey binge is not helping the weight issue.
That was pre-dinner turkey snack.  Then my lil pug waited so patiently while we were eating and didn't beg at all until at the end when my sister was tearing apart the carcass for leftovers.
I couldn't resist.  I had to give her a tasty turkey bone!
Remember never let your dog chew on cooked bones - they're brittle and will break and they can swallow bits!  I let Sunny lick the bone and tear off the meat parts.  She was really really really happy.
Uh oh - don't bite the bone!  Ok, turkey binge is over.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll be MIA for a bit on vacation (yippee!).  My lil pug doesn't know it yet but I will be leaving her with her grandparents soon.  I'm a little worried how she'll deal with the separation since it'll be our longest one (what if she's super sad?  what if she adopts my mom as her new mom and forgets me?) and my parents love to overfeed her.  I think a strict diet for both of us will be in order afterwards.

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  1. Boy oh boy yoo shor have got sum good treets going on thair littool Pug. Wot a luky puppy yoo ar.