Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hello Spring

My lil pug always enjoys her evening walks the most.  Neither of us is rushed and it's much cooler and quieter.  
Those trees look so pretty at night with the light shining up at them!  They're starting to shed their white petals and some green is coming through.  It makes me sad because I actually like the white blooming period the best.  My lil pug enjoys sniffing the fallen petals though.
I wanted to take better photos of the trees but oddly enough someone was practicing putts in the middle of the green late at night.

On another note, I really hate rude dog owners (warning: rant coming).  Today in our after-work walk my lil pug was looking at a nearby big dog.  The woman who was walking this dog was yapping on the phone about shopping and while she was distracted on her phone her dog leaped towards my pug (I think more in play than anything threatening).  The woman yelled out an irritated, "WINSTON!,"saw me and my pug and said shortly, "Uh could you move on thanks" and went back to her phone.  I was stunned at this woman's rudeness!  This wasn't a polite, "oh he needs to do his business," or anything like that.  She said it very quickly and rudely, as though we were in her way and the reason for her interrupted phone conversation.  We were also not even that close to her!  My lil pug was on a short leash and we were in a public sidewalk/green area.  Before my brain could catch up and think of something to say back she was walking away (don't you hate it when that happens?!).  Why did we have to move anyways if she was going to scurry away like that?  So that irritated me and ruined a perfectly good walk.  Luckily my lil pug always cheers me up quickly!


  1. Evening walks are nice - especially in summer when it is too hot during the day for my lil pug body. I agree with rude dog owners. I hope that lady at least picked up after her dog - but I doubt it.
    Love Noodles

  2. Aw thanks Noodles! Yes evening walks are the best during summer. Summertime is just too hot to enjoy with all this fur and short muzzle!