Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013 BarkBox

I'm a little late with my review of the September 2013 BarkBox and I totally missed doing a review of the August one. But the August one was amazing and I wish I had done it earlier. Oh well, time to move on and so here's a quick review of the September one before the October one arrives later this month!
  • Wagatha's tuscan pizza flavored dog treats - I was amazed when I opened the box because these treats really do smell like pizza!  They are wheat/soy/corn free but they are not grain free. The girls really loved these treats but I probably won't repurchase since I like to stick with grain free stuff.
  • Purely Natural chicken and brown rice biscotti with sweet potato chunks - Who says biscottis are just for humans?!  These have the shape and texture of biscotti (from what I can tell from breaking them in smaller pieces, not from eating them myself) and are glycerin/soy/gluten/wheat free. But again they are not grain free. I was really loving the past few boxes because they always contained at least one grain free treat, but sadly not in this box. The girls really love this treat though!
  • Aussie Natural kangaroo toy - Rosy has been having a deep love affair with this new toy! I don't know what it is about it but she has loved this toy the most out of all the BarkBox toys we've gotten (except for maybe the whale we got in August's box but she desqueaked that real fast).  This is a stuffing-free long toy that has a rope toy inside so that even if the exterior rips there's still another sturdy toy inside. There's also a squeaker in the mouth and another one in the tail (she already killed the squeaker in the mouth). I really like the Aussie Natural toys we've gotten in our BarkBoxes. They're high quality and the girls (well mostly Rosy) really love them!
  • Vetracare pet liquid bandage spray - This is an antiseptic spray that you can use to disinfect and protect cuts and scrapes. I haven't used this yet and I don't know when I will since neither Sunny nor Rosy really gets cuts (knock on wood!). But I'm glad to have this just in case! It's something that's good to have handy but you never think to get until something happens and you're in a panic driving to the vet or pet store.
This month was great but I think I still liked the August box better. I know, I know, I keep talking up the August box and yet that's the one I didn't review! I didn't like the treats in this box as much as in past ones but Rosy really did love the toy. All in all we're very happy with the box all around!

So now come's the part where I bombard you with photos of our BarkBox opening experience!
See how much Rosy loves her new toy?!

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  1. aww rosy is loving that too! we have a few similar stuffing free toys and i love that they have lasted for so long!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak