Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jennie Kwon Design's Arrow Earrings

My ears are super sensitive and even though I have pierced ears, I rarely wear earrings because I am really prone to infections. I wanted to get a good quality pair that I could keep in 24/7 and not have to worry about. My friend told me about Jennie Kwon Designs and I fell in love with so many pieces of her jewelry! But since I am not a millionaire with a huge jewelry spending account, I limited myself to just one item - the arrow earrings. These come in a version with diamonds, but as we already discussed, I was trying to limit my jewelry spending. These earrings are so awesome! They combine the things I love best about a stud and a dangly earring. And I haven't had any sensitivity or ear infections with them so I pretty much just keep them in all the time. The one thing that bus me is sometimes they twist to the side so the arrow doesn't hang down straight. But I just check every now and then to make sure they are straight.
I'll definitely keep an eye out on Jennie Kwon Designs' line for future jewelry purchases!

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