Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sephora's Formula X Infatuated and Turbulent

I haven't been painting my nails recently because my hands have been a dry, chapped mess. But I have a huge set of polishes to try out from my birthday last fall! My friend gave me the Sephora Formula X Twenty-Two set and I've been eyeing the fun confetti top coats for a while now. I finally got to test run some of those top coats this past weekend. 

Here's Infatuated, an opaque powder blue, with Turbulent, a light blue and black confetti, on top. This is with a base coat, two coats of Infatuated, two coats of Turbulent, and a fast-drying top coat to seal it all in (I like Essie's Good to Go). I didn't love Infatuated by itself, but with Turbulent, the combination was awesome! Loved it! You may need an extra coat or two of a top coat to seal it all in as I found that some of my nails needed another coat to prevent the confetti from sticking out and getting caught on things. While this may look fun and great, it is a bitch to take off! Oh man, took forever and lots of nail polish remover!

Of course I have to use my pugs to help my modeling shots!
Somehow this turned into a belly rub session.
Look at Sunny with her cute lil looking over the shoulder pose!
Shhhhh, don't speak!

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