Monday, October 4, 2010

First Rain Boots and First, er Second Apple Dumpling

I've never been able to partake in the joy that is rain boots.  I don't have "athletic" calves or pleasantly round and plump calves.  I have huge monster calves.  My people have a word for calves like mine - moodadi.  Meaning radish calves.  This is because the round part of our calves are so round and big, they're like radishes.  I have sweat and struggled to stuff my legs into a wide variety of boots.  I gave up on any boot that was mid calf or higher.  I used to scoff at people who wore rain boots for commuting, thinking, "Where do they think they are - a farm?  The wilderness?"  But secretly, deep inside, I'd yearn for a comfortable pair of rain boots and curse my wet feet and ruined flats. 

Well, I finally found a pair of rain boots that just barely fit my calves!  Granted, most people who have these boots can stuff jeans into them with room to spare and I can barely fit a very thin knee sock, but that's better than nothing!  

I had my lil smug pug pose next to them for no particular reason.  I just enjoyed posing her next to them.  It involved dangling a treat by my camera though.  Do you see the intense desire in her eyes for the dangling treat?

My rain boots are the Tretorn Langta version and they have an adjustable buckle at the top for those who do not suffer from moodadi.  I have mine on the second to last hole because putting it at the last hole doesn't help since that's wider than the actual circumference of the opening.  And these boots arrived just in time for the torrential rain last week and this morning.  I love walking in them - so comfortable and warm!  But not bad warm.  Not feet sweat warm.  I walk into puddles on purpose now knowing that I can do so and keep my feet dry.  Now I just need a new umbrella after the Thursday hurricane winds broke it...

My sister and my niece and nephew made apple dumplings yesterday with the apples we picked.  Well my niece and nephew basically spread the dough with their grubby fingers and then got distracted with the raisins and cinnamon sauce.  One lost spoon in the cinnamon sauce and half of the raisins gone later, we had delicious apple dumplings!  Better than apple pie!  I think it's because instead of having boring old crust or bread, the dough wrapped around the apple is buttermilk biscuit.  Mmmm.  I took one home with me too and polished that off.

Notice how I used my new Iittala bowl?  <3

The apple is so well cooked you can't even see it anymore.  There's no solid yucky apple piece (I never liked raw apples, mainly because of the texture) - all that is inside is wonderful delicious appley cinnamony sugary mush.  Mush in a good way.  

Nom nom nom.  Mmmmmm.  More apple dumplings!  


  1. Ha! You mocked my rain boots for so long, but now you too understand the beauty and wonder of dry feet in the rain.

  2. I did mock your rain boots for oh so long. But I've suffered wet feet too long! Although I still agonize each rainy morning whether it's wet enough to justify breaking out the rain boots. I feel like because they're so large they'll look silly unless it's really pouring.