Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April 2014 BarkBox

Oh poor neglected blog.  I'm so sorry.  I'll try to be better!  So I think we're due to get our May 2014 BarkBox any day now so this April 2014 BarkBox is really really late.  But, I can now happily report back on having tested almost all the items and there was at least one product that our views changed on after a couple weeks.  So here's our review of the April 2014 BarkBox!

The items in April's box were:
  • Buddy's Kitchen Off-Leash Dog Treat (smoky beef flavor) - The girls loved these lil treats!  They're tiny so they're good if you're watching your dog's weight and they'd be great for training.  The only downside is that they can be a bit crumbly if you're holding them for an extended period of time.  During the warmer days and when I didn't have pockets, I'd hold the treats in my hand on our walks and quickly discovered a crumbly mess in my hands. So these are best given right out of the bag or held in a loose pocket/pouch.  They're made in Canada and are grain-free.
  • Etta Says Duck Meat Treat - Now we come to the treat that we initially loved but now not so much.  Well I should say that my pugs still love these treats but I do not!  These treats are grain-free and made in the U.S. so I was initially really happy.  Plus I've had good experiences with Etta Says in the past.  But these treats made for some unpleasant poops with Rosy and after having to wipe her bum after too many walks I decided to stop giving her these treats.  It might be that duck doesn't sit well with my silly goose Rosy.  But otherwise I loved these treats in theory, just not in practice with one of my pugs.
  • Mr. Barksmith's Smoothies for Dogs (carrot cake flavor) - These smoothies are made in the U.S. and are wheat-, gluten-, and dairy-free.  You can either serve it as is or stick it in the freezer for a popsicle treat during the hot months!  I'll be saving this up for the summer and I like to wait until I have two so I can give one to each of my pugs.
  • Barkworthies Bully Stick - Do I even need to review this?  It's a bully stick and what dog doesn't love disgusting bully sticks?  I like the Barkworthies ones because they don't smell as much as others (nothing makes me feel more nauseous then walking through Petco's bully stick/pig ears/other gross chewy things aisle).  I am waiting to get a second one so that I can give one to each of my pugs.  
  • Go Dog Unimal Hoppy Dog Toy - We love Go Dog toys!  All their toys have been a hit with the girls, including their dragons and yetis.  This is a plush toy but it's stiff enough that it holds its shape and has a squeaker in it. Sunny's devoted to her usual berber stuffies, but Rosy really enjoys this toy.  Not as much as the yeti though, which is her favorite Go Dog toy (one we got from a past BarkBox that I probably didn't review because I'm lazy and bad with keeping this blog updated).
All in all this was a fantastic box that we all thoroughly enjoyed, with the exception of the after effects of the Etta Says duck treats.  Poor Rosy - she loves them so, but I do not love the mess.  The girls and I like it best when our boxes include grain-free toys, plush toys/stuffies, and bully sticks/other chews, and this box had all of the above! 

Now for the pictures!
Can't you just sense the excitement here?!
The girls always go for the bully stick first!
Look at their shiny lil eyes!
Trying to sneak in a bite!
"Don't bother sniffing that Rosy.  She won't give us that until it's hotter outside."
Licking their lips already!  I bet they can smell it through the bag!
As soon as I ripped open the bag, the frenzy began!
"Oh yummy duck treats.  Why must you give me mushy poops?!"
Sheesh Sunny has terrible manners.
But who could resist this face?!
The girls are always least excited by the toy in the BarkBox, but I knew this one would be enjoyed for many days in the future.  Go Dog toys are so sturdy and Rosy usually comes to appreciate the BarkBox toys after the treats frenzy has ended.
 Sunny's too picky with her toys, so sometimes she needs a little help playing with new ones.
Can't wait for our May BarkBox to arrive! 

BarkBox subscriptions available at BarkBox.

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