Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing the Newbie - Rosy!

So I have some big news...this weekend I picked up a new addition to the family!  A 2 year-old female pug named Rosy!  I've actually been looking for another female pug for almost a year but have had bad luck and some disappointments.  The young ones go fast!  And I really wanted to get a young one so that there's a slight age gap with Sunny.  I stalked the local pug rescue's website and Petfinder every day and found Rosy at a rescue a few hours away.  I knew she was the one and a few days later I was making plans to drive over and pick her up and welcome her to my home!

Rosy is itty bitty!  And she's super fit and lean.  I'm hoping I can keep her that way but then again, look at Sunny and all her rolls.  Sigh, I'll try real hard!

Anyways, Sunny liked Rosy at first until she realized that Rosy was here to stay.  Then she acted really sad and distant.  But now she's getting more comfortable with Rosy and I'm hoping they'll be best of friends soon!  Rosy is obsessed with me and I love it although I don't love how she cries and scratches at the door when I leave.  I do love how she whines and stares at me as I shower.  She sticks her face in the tiny gap in between the shower and the shower curtain blinking as the water mists into her face.  And anytime I look at her, her lil tail goes into helicopter mode.  I'm looking forward to having two pugs (been my dream since I was a kid to have multiple pugs!) and will be sure to update regularly on the developments going on here with Sunny and Rosy (the bright parts of my days!)

And without further ado, here are some photos of Rosy and Sunny!


  1. OMPOMPOMPOMP!!!!! That is so cool!!! I am a new sister (half sister, kinda. . . difficult to explain)and although it IS hard sharing almost everything, I am loving it. Welcome Rosy.
    Love Noodles

  2. Having two pugs was bonkers, and three! That was bananas! But I wouldn't trade them or the fun we have had for anything in the world!! Congrats to you & Sunny on the new family member and YAY for Rosy for getting a new family & forever home! Such wonderful girls!

  3. Yaaaaaaaay! She's so cute! Her and Sunny will be best friends soon! I've been wanting another pug so badly. I used to have two, but my ex kept one when we broke up. Hardest part of the whole break up! I've been stalking my local pug rescue for a pug too. Maybe sometime soon!

  4. YAYYY two pugs is the perfect number. They take a little bit to get used to each other for sure. Rosy is so cute!!! And funny story... my sister Rose goes by Rosie and once someone spelled it "Rosy" and she decided to change the spelling of her name to Rosy then to Rosiey. Not kidding. I will remind her of that again when I see her next week :) Congrats on the new addition!

  5. Awww. She's so cute! It's so amusing how pets insist on watching you when you shower. My cat Rock n Roll does that. She perches at the edge of the tub and sticks her nose past the curtain. Perhaps she is worried I will drown? LOL.