Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lil Smug Pug Photo Overload

So as my nails continue to heal (I think in a couple more weeks, they should be back to normal), I have been totally neglecting this blog.  I don't know when it turned into a nail polish centered blog, but I noticed those posts are definitely the most popular ones.  And I used to review lots of different products, but I haven't bought anything recently and have been using prescription face stuff since I'm fed up with all my random beauty products that don't do anything (except for my Murad lotion and PTR uber dry sunscreen, both of which I still love!).  So here are a bunch of photos on my other obsession - MY PUG.

My lil pug thinks it's been too HOT and HUMID lately and is not happy with our walks:
Cheer up my lil pug, it won't always be this hot!
Oh, but we still have the rest of the summer to deal with - sorry.
And don't forget, the vet said you need to go on a diet - so no more treats!
Weeeell....No, we must be strong.  No treats!
Ack, ok fine you win!  Just one treat!
How can I resist this little face?  Both youthful
And elderly at times.
Besides, who can resist those butt rolls?  Baby got back!

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