Friday, July 8, 2011

Nail Polish Break, Pug Love, and Something New

I haven't been painting my nails recently because I think I was overdoing it for too long.  The skin around my nails got dry and peely and then I noticed that my nail tip was growing downwards which really frightened me so I decided to give my nails a break for a couple weeks until they look more normal.  See my thumb and the scary uneven nail tip?
It saddens me to be polish-less for so long, but this is for the best.  I think the nail polish remover was getting under my nails when I would use the corrector pen to fix the edges.  I love the corrector pen but I'll have to be more careful with its usage.  So until then, no more NOTDs.  :(

In the meantime I will continue my hard work of being an adequate chin and foot rest for my demanding smug lil pug.

Oh wait, I actually am still wearing polish - but on my toes.  You can barely see it.  I'm wearing Essie's Meet Me At Sunset.  I like this better on my hands personally, but I wanted a switch to a bright color when the summer kicked in.  I usually prefer darker colors on my toes.

Also, I've been working on some new projects - some reviews for both children's and YA books.  They're still being worked on and I'm now focusing on volume but take a look if this is something you're interested in:
Blurber Blabber
Blurber Blabber Kids

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