Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 - End of an Era!

So I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2 and I had ten observations (I just had a few but stretched it to ten because ten just sounds better).

SPOILERS below - but if you really haven't read the books then you should close your computer and get reading.

(1) Poor Ron and Draco - aged horribly!  People actually bust out laughing in the theater as soon as they appeared in the end scene.  Lesson learned for them in the future - don't comb hair in that horribly unattractive way because it will age you 19 years.

(2) Ginny always looked like a middle-aged woman so there was no stretch there, but they didn't even try to age Hermione.

(3) I <3 Alan Rickman.  And his Snape is the true tragic hero in this series.  He loved Lily so much only to have her marry cocky James Potter.  His love for her was so strong that he crossed over to the good side for her and protected Harry all these years simply because he was her son.  And then he's rewarded for all this with a double agent role where everyone thinks he's evil and killed Dumbledore.  Oh wait, and then he's brutally murdered by Voldemort.  Poor Snape.  I thought they did his little memories scene well and loved little young Snape.  And Alan Rickman is always awesome.   But no matter how awesome Snape, and Dumbledore are, please don't name your child Albus Severus.  What was Harry thinking?  

(4) I wonder if Neville would have done just as good as the boy who survived if Voldemort had chosen him from the beginning.  He displayed loyalty, courage and bravery same as Harry, and it's not like Harry was particularly charismatic (most of his initial fame was simply for being the boy who survived).  I loved Neville's growth and development through the series.

(5) Ralph Fiennes is the best villain ever.  He is Voldemort.  No one else could have played him like that.  Although Gary Oldman usually plays pretty good evil characters (e.g., the Professional), but I was glad to see him in a good guy role at least once.  But Ralph Fiennes really does the snakey, creepy Voldemort well and is just a general excellent actor.  He's terrifying for the most part but I actually kind of felt bad for him when he looked all disappointed thinking Harry didn't show in the forest.  I thought he played that so well.  I can't believe he's the same guy from The English Patient.

(6) I thought this movie (and the last one) has really benefited from the growth of the former child actors.  At first they were all so cute so we excused the bad acting.  But then they reached the adolescent phase and it got cringe worthy at times.  But now you can tell they've matured and learned a lot over the years and aren't so jarring in comparison to the many excellent adult actors in these movies.

(7) I also loved Maggie Smith and how she schooled Snape and then was so cute when she was excited to finally use the stone soldiers spell.

(8) I loved seeing crazy Helena Bonham Carter playing the timid and scared Hermione in disguise.  Helena Bonham Carter is another favorite actor.  I mean how can you not love someone who started in beautiful period pieces, plays crazy so well as Bellatrix Lestrange and Marla Singer, but can switch to a ladylike queen in The King's Speech, and then voice endearing characters in Corpse Bride and Wallace & Gromit?!

(9) Bloody fetus-like Voldemort in Harry's limbo-train station was disgusting.

(10) Did we really need to see topless Harry and Ron?

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