Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy, Busy Long Weekend

Haha lies!  I try to avoid busy weekends because I'm super lazy, low-key and hermitish.  I hate starting a work week feeling all rushed and harried from not having enough time to veg over the weekend.  So this is what my lil pug and I did.

First we slept.
And slept some more.
Then I tried to wake her up and she gave me a dirty look and went back to snoozing.
So then I got up and tried to prod her awake.

And then I moved to pick her up and she did that darn pug roll.  You know, where you try to pick them up and they roll over for a belly rub and suddenly become dead boneless weight?
Then the rest of my weekend consisted mostly of this:
And finally, we finished it up with some guessed it...snoozing.
See?  Busy, busy, busy!

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