Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Cooking Adventures! Sausage, Tomato, and Arugula Pasta

So this week's cooking is much more manageable so far!  For the weekdays I'm just doing two large pasta dishes and then splitting them up for my dinners.  I seem to only be able to cook pastas.  Hmm, I may need to change that up a bit.  

So tonight was a sausage, tomato, and arugula pasta and I think it's my favorite pasta I've made so far!  I changed the recipe a bit.  It calls for fettucine but I switched it for whole wheat pasta (so I feel less guilty about my all-pasta-all-the-time diet), used Trader Joe's chicken and jalapeno sausages, and added baby bella mushrooms, red and orange bell peppers, and chopped onion (because I had all those ingredients already and I love to add them to everything).  Oh also I used grated parmesan instead of shaved and added more pepper (freshly ground and red pepper flakes), because I'm a pepper fiend!  Soooo good!  I highly recommend!

See my lil hungry pug?  Don't be fooled, she had a full dinner and baby carrot snack just before this photo.  Does a pug's belly have any limit?  
There she is below licking the floor trying to catch any food remnants.
I thought this photo below came out normal at first but then later noticed the little curly tail that snuck in.  Do you see it?  Haha I love it!  Sneaky pug tail!

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