Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer Sunny Months

I know, I know, long time no post!  I keep forgetting to update this blog because I post all my photos now through Instagram onto Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  And really, my blog posts are just vehicles for my photos.  But I will try to be better about updating this blog at least a bit more frequently than I have this past summer.  So as my first post back in a couple months, here are some photos of Sunny as a welcome back.  Warning, there are a lot of pug photos below so if you aren't into that then you can stop reading here.  But honestly, if you've been reading my blog then you can't be surprised and must love pugs!

Over the past couple months Sunny and I did a lot of things, but mostly we just napped.
YAWN!  All these nap photos are making me sleepy!
Sunny's tongue gets more and more ridiculous.  And I love it.
Except when it tries to attack me.
Yes these are two different photos from two different times.  Her tongue is just that large and crazy, so this is a regular occurrence.  I fear it.

Sunny practiced modeling her side wrinkle, which is currently my favorite wrinkle of hers. 
Sunny went all Goldilocks on her beds.  This one was too squishy.
This one was too big.
But this one was juuuust riiiiight!  Until I moved because I had to pee and my hip was achy.
Sunny got a lot of belly rubs.
And we had a lot of fun times at my parents' house.  Mostly because they love her and feed her a ton of treats.
Sunny "helped" me in the kitchen with all my recent cooking.
Sunny spent a lot of time reflecting on the pug life and having some deep thoughts (mainly about food).
Sunny also practiced her modeling poses.
And we had some fun with her pug toys.
And I gave Sunny a few baths, which she HATED.  I got plenty of sad looks and stink eye from the little stinker both pre-bath...
and post-bath.
Sunny acted as an excellent muse for my pug drawings.  You can see more at my other blog, Bah Humpug
My sister sent me an adorable pug key cover, which Sunny helped to model. 
And Sunny continued her deep love for sucking all the fur off her toys.  I think some are going to be due for retirement soon.
And we had a lot of laughs along the way!
Phew, that was a long post.  Hope you enjoyed all of our photos and we wish you pugs and kisses!


  1. Yay, more photos of Sunny!

  2. OMG Sunny killlllssss me!!! I love that tongue! And the picture of her with her pug stuffies is so cute!