Monday, July 23, 2012

Sushi Pug

Sunny senses that something is amiss.  There's a new pug presence in the home.
Aha it's sushi pug!  Sunny would you mind sharing your toys with sushi pug?
Uh oh sushi pug is trying to assert dominance over Sunny!
But Sunny quickly showed sushi pug who's the boss here!
Sushi pug now lays in defeat, covered in Sunny's fur and drool.  Sunny's alpha position remains secure and all is right with the world.  The champion can now safely rest.
As for the beta position, I suppose sushi pug and I will have to battle it out next...


  1. Sunny way to show sushi pug who runs that house.

    I'm obsessed with sushi pug...I need a musubi pug...mmm spam. I am really excited the maker is local by me too!

    1. Haha yes she definitely showed sushi pug that she's the boss! If it had any limbs I'm sure she would've sucked on them like she does with her other toys but since sushi pug is just a block she rolled it around for a bit.

      Oh I didn't even think of a spam musubi pug!! That would be genius! I chose tuna partly because I love tuna and so it would kinda match my couch but a spam musubi one would've been even better! Mmmm...spam!

  2. GAHHHHH SUSHI PUGGGGGG! I need I need!!!