Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 2013 BarkBox

Oy, I meant to do a review post of my March BarkBox and then totally forgot!  Now it's almost time for the April BarkBox but I figured I might as well do my review post of last month's.  All three of us look forward to getting our monthly BarkBox, Sunny and Rosy especially.
This box contained the following:

  • Lollycadoodle wool mouse - 100% wool and made in Nepal.  It's supposed to be resilient but the wool has already started to pull off.  Rosy especially loves the ears.
  • Harry Barker hemp bone in light blue - This is supposed to be eco-friendly and is made of hemp and cotton.  There's no squeaker inside.  It's cute but neither Sunny nor Rosy seemed that intrigued by it.
  • Little Eatz peanut butter treats - These are cute and can be eaten by both dogs and humans!  Unfortunately since there's sugar in them I didn't give any to the girls. 
  • Feelgood's Teeny Treats, Liver Lover's Gourmet Mix - I get the small box so I got a different treat from the medium boxers I saw on the internets.  The packaging on this is super cute (I'm a sucker for nice packaging; the pugs don't care so much though). I like how these treats are so tiny!  They'd make great training treats.  They're wheat and corn free but they're not grain free.  The girls loooove these treats!
  • Angie's List poop bag holder - Great and convenient.  I already have similar bag holders that don't have Angie's List printed on them so I generally use those.  But it's always good to have a spare.
So now here comes the millions of photos!  The girls' favorite part of the BarkBox were the teeny treats.  Look at how happy Rosy looks!

As soon as I opened up the bag, Sunny started doing her treats dance.
Dance for me cross-eyed lil pug!
Oops Sunny tried stealing a lick!
I've been saving these treats for special occasions.  And by special occasions I mean bribery for nail trimmings and wrinkle cleanings.
The next favorite item was the wool mouse.

Sunny doesn't care much for most toys (she's dedicated to her berber baby stuffies).  At first she thought the mouse was food but then quickly backed away once she realized it was just a toy.
But Rosy really liked the mouse!
Rosy especially liked the ears.
This was a great box, but not as great as last month's.  Can't wait to see what's in store for April!

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  1. These are some of your cutest pictures. My favorites are of Rosy hoping for the mouse toy, and Sunny hoping for the treats you're holding. Sweet post!