Monday, April 15, 2013

Contrary Polish's Bonfire and piCture pOlish's Festival

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I always have good intentions to post regularly but what ends up happening is I go crazy posting stuff for like a month and then start slacking off.  I also got busy with work and other stuff and haven't been wearing any polish for the past month or so.  I have super sensitive skin (can only wear gold around my neck and in my ears) and apparently I have sensitive nails.  They hold up to polish pretty well at first and then they go from looking like normal to looking like crap so quickly.  If I wear polish too long (even when I take short breaks between polishes) nails start to get discolored, uneven, and just look terrible.  And the white parts of my nails start to get uneven borders, ranging from slightly wiggly, to crazy dips, which is the nail plate lifting off the bed.  So whenever I start to see the early signs of this I take a long break from polish.  Yet much like alcohol (you don't even want to know how red I turn when drinking red wine), even though my body sometimes hates it, I can't resist polish!

Luckily while I take this break from polish I have some old photos of polishes I meant to post and then completely forgot about.  Here is Contrary Polish's Bonfire with a layering of piCture pOlish's Festival on top.  Bonfire is a deep red with a slight orange tone to it and gold and red microshimmer.  Beautiful polish and applies evenly.  This is two coats with one coat of piCture pOlish's Festival which I was obsessed with at one point.
More polish posts to follow!

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