Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Essie Swatches!

Here are some nail polish swatches.  I don't know why I labeled each one as Essie since that's pretty much all I own with a small number of OPI colors.  I am loooooving Over The Top!  I would wear that all the time but I don't think it's that office appropriate.  Well, maybe.  Chubby cheeks is a bit oranger on me than I thought it would be.  I also loooove Watermelon!  What a great summer color!  And I'm liking Main Squeeze but I'll need to see it with more coats on to be sure.  Oh all of the nails below are with one coat each.  And please excuse my ragged cuticles and skin!
This is with flash.  My pug is in the background.  This is my way of including her in this post.
And here are some more.  Cute as a Button is much brighter in person.  You can see it better in the flash photo below.  I'm liking Mambo as a general nude.  I like Buy Me a Cameo better in person.  It's less goldy in person and more pink/purpley in person.  And Shop Till I Drop is a nice pink but nothing that special.  It looks more opaque and pink in person.  It doesn't really show that well in the flash photo below.
And here's a photo with flash against my soft lil pug.  
Love Essie polishes!  They're a bit runny sometimes but I actually like that they're so thin and sheer and I can build up the colors.  I think I'll try out Main Squeeze for my nails now since I think it'll be a different kind of light shade for the office than typical pink or nude.  


  1. How do you have time to paint your nails AND bake?! And why don't you live closer so I can steal some cookies?!?

  2. Haha Azmina I actually baked and painted my nails on separate days but posted them on the same day! Plus I have waaaaay more free time now with my new job. I wish we lived closer together so that I could share my cookies and eat your cheddar and dill scones! We would be wonderfully fat and happy!