Friday, March 18, 2011

Baking Binge

Can't stop, won't stop.  So I brought in my cookies and coconut toffee bars to work today to get rid of them because I was getting in the habit of eating 4 cookies and 2 bars with each meal.  Noooo good.  But of course the first thing I do when I get home is make a new batch of toffee bars!  But then curses!  I run out of brown sugar and it's too late to run to the grocery store, so no more cookies for tonight.  Instead, I made some bacon onion and cheese biscuits.
I used turkey bacon because that's what I had available but I can only imagine how much more delicious it would be with real full fat pig bacon.  Mmmm.  Pig.  Look I even whooped out my nicer plates for this photo instead of my standard Ikea plates.
I ate two right away and then quickly packed them away before I could get too out of control.  Besides, I wasn't done yet with my baking binge.  I then attempted a banana pudding.
I didn't try it yet because I'm saving it for my family on Saturday.  I'm hoping by then the pudding and Nilla cookies will have completely soaked in together and created awesomeness.  Mmmm.

I'm exhausted after this baking binge.  I'm now veging in front of the tv with my lil pug on my lap.  She HATES it when I bake/cook or do anything that makes my lap unavailable to her.  She gives me the saddest face until I sit back down on the couch.  She wants me to be as fat and lazy as her.  Uh, no problem!

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