Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTD - Essie's Nude Beach and Watermelon

So today I am wearing Essie's Watermelon (second picture). A bright opaque pink red. I kinda love it but I am also not used to wearing such bright reds and feel a little self conscious. I was always a fan of the "Bold" version of markers as a kid, the ones that had more muted and darker hued colors than the bright normal colors. But I find that as I get older I like brighter or "prettier" colors. Old age does weird things to people. Anyways Watermelon was an absolute dream putting it on.  No streaks! So so easy! It was very smooth and pretty much opaque with just one coat but I added a second one just in case. Essie really got the formula right on this one.
Oh and earlier in the week I had Essie's Nude Beach on (first picture). It's a very pretty and simple pink nude. But it is also very sparkly. It's not too bad since the sparkles are so tiny but I felt a bit like I was wearing kid nail polish. I also have been craving real colors on my nails and that tiny bit of color and sparkle wasn't doing it for me which is why I totally jumped over to bright Watermelon.
Do nails need a break in between polishes? I always use a base coat so I am hoping that helps. And my nails don't look any worse but who knows, what if they start breaking and/or peeling like crazy any minute now? The skin around my nails however is not happy with my nail polish remover.
I wish Essie's summer and resort collections were out already so I could have new colors to play with!

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