Friday, August 5, 2011

Trader Joe's Bibimbap

As if I don't have reason to love Trader Joe's enough, my brother-in-law recently informed me that they now have in the frozen food aisle, bibimbap!  I had to try it of course.  After heating it up in the microwave, I squirted a bit of the sauce it came with but also added a huge dollop of my own Korean red spicy bean paste (gojeejang - that's the best I can do with the spelling).
Is this authentic?  Of course not.  Bibimbap is supposed to come in a scalding hot stone bowl, with fresh beef and veggies and a delicious semi-cooked egg that cooks as you stir it in.  Plus the sauce was a little more sweet than usual.  Is it good?  Oh yeah.  And for someone who barely knows how to cook and will probably never be able to cook bibimbap at home it definitely hit the spot.  The portion was small but filled me up decently (probably from all the rice).  Mmmm, I love Korean food.  If I could cook it or my mom could deliver food to me every day, I'd have no problem eating Korean food almost every day.

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