Sunday, August 14, 2011

Updates re YSL lip balms and koala pug

A couple updates for today:

(1) I am in love with those YSL lip balms from my previous post.  They provide a little bit of shine (not anything too glossy), leave my lips moisturized and leave a tint of color for several hours.  So while I still have to reapply during the day for the most part, if I don't have time or forget to reapply my lips are still soft with a tiny touch of color.  I love all three colors and can't pick just one.  Depends on my mood I guess.

(2) My lil pug still hates the koala hat but she endures it a bit better.  She's able to take it off pretty quickly though when I turn away or leave the room.  Yesterday she went to the groomers and had the whole kit and kaboodle done to her (nails, teeth, coat, and even her *ahem* nether regions).  I then subjected her to the koala hat again.  I know, I'm so mean.  Here she is with her groomers' bandana and koala hat.
It was a long day for her and she got super sleepy.
So, so sleepy...
And then I took a picture with flash by accident.  I know I'm super mean!  I woke her up with the flash.
Now we're watching tv and I'm stuck because she's dozing on my lap and using my computer table as a chin rest.
Happy Sunday!  Sigh, that means tomorrow's Monday though.

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