Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iwona Ludyga Jewelry and MZ Wallace Bag - Love!

I came back from vacation to find my order from Iwona Ludyga had arrived!  I had ordered some rose gold skeleton jewelry and I love them!  So dainty and tiny - LOVE!

Here are the skull earrings with my solemn pug staring at nothing in the background, and then a picture of one of my ears with the skull stud. See, isn't it tiny?!  I don't think anyone will notice they're skulls at work unless they looked very closely (which is a good thing!).
I also got a rose gold tiny skull bracelet.  So perfectly dainty!  And somehow the skull almost always stays in position!  I don't know how it does that - maybe it's the weight of the bracelet - with the skull on one side and the clasp and tag on the other?  Because I have thick wrists I had to request that the chain be 7 inches instead of the 6.5 inches it typically comes in.  I found that if you order from Iwona Ludyga directly, she is very accommodating with special requests such as sizing and different types of gold, but additional costs may apply for increased chain lengths.
Shhhhh!  Don't speak!
Oh and that's Essie's Over the Top on my nails.  I love that polish - one of my top five.  But I now have to take it off before returning to work.  Sigh.

On a random note, here's a picture of my not new, but very old, worn and well-loved MZ Wallace bag.  It's the Olivia in light gray.  I don't think this color and style combination is available at the stores anymore.  I took this picture to show my friend how big the Olivia is.  It's my favorite MZ Wallace style so far because it has a ton of exterior (and interior) pockets, and the strap fits much more comfortably over my shoulder than those stiff rounded handles.  I need a new bag soon though and I'm contemplating getting an even bigger one.  But until then, I love my tried and true Olivia.  I tried an Elsa, which is a cute style that I loved at first but hated after suffering the inconvenience of no exterior pockets.

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